1940 LaSalle coupe series 50

Started by MitchHodge, June 01, 2015, 11:22:01 AM

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Does anyone have a picture of where these two items bolt to the back of the grille?

Tom Boehm

Hello Mitch, I have a 1940 50 series and I do not recognize those. What are they made of? Stamped steel? How long? Anyone else? Tom Boehm


They were located behind the grille, this grille had never been apart in 75 years. It was one of the few parts i forgot to take pictures of prior to removal, of course i cannot remember how they go in or where.......... gezzzzz go figure

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I have a 40 5019 and those don't look like anything on it.
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Did you have your front grille off at anytime? This is very interesting to me, why would the coupe have these items and not a 5019?

Thanks for the feedback