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Started by Summer42, May 29, 2015, 01:21:15 PM

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Hello to everyone.
My wife and I the proud parents of our first restoration project.  This weekend we will take delivery of a 1942 Cadillac Series 67 Sedan.  This car is in amazing condition, having been garaged for much of its life until about 15 years ago.  Other than rockers, the sheet metal is in great shape.  It will need some glass, but all the trim is present,  the engine turns and the interior is workable.  We are excited to get moving on this project; however, we will first spend some time perusing these pages to glean what we can from all of you extremely knowledgeable folks.
If anyone has comments, hints, guidance or critiques, please feel free to offer anything that you may feel is constructive and could save us from our rookie selves.
As I figure out this site, hopefully I will be able to get some pictures loaded up as they become available.
Catch you all soon!
Rich and Trish Caruso
Somewhere in New Hampshire


congratulations, please learn how to post pics as soon as possible, we all love to see pictures.
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gary griffin

Congratulations, I know exactly how you feel.  I have spent 3 years restoring my 1942  6719 and it has been a great deal of pleasure mixed with learning and frustration.  If you want to take a trip down the path I have been on go to the restoration pages of this forum and there is a long blog mostly step by step of my trials and tribulations.  In 1942 there were 800  series 67 bodies created and 200 are configured as 5 passenger sedans which is the 6719 part of your designation 42-6719.

There were 3 different eras in the short production year of the 1942 model and each had peculiarities such as first there where chrome plated grilles than there were horizontal chrome but argent painted vertical grille bars and then there were the all argent no chrome grilles. Also I suspect the military models had painted grilles.

I have been collecting 1942 specific parts as they become available as they are hard to find. Mechanical parts will not be a problem but I searched a couple of years for footrest and eventually purchased a car for the footrest in conjunction with another 42 owner who needed  a front fender.

My first suggestion is to order a build sheet from Allied Vaughn which will have the build date, and equipment and colors originally on your car.  Secondly I would order from the club a "Authenticity manual" which will steer you towards a authentic restoration.  I purchased a running car planning on giving it a paint job and seat covers but as I got into it I ended up doing a full restoration which is nearing completion.

We all hope to see pictures soon!!

If I can be of any assistance please feel free to contact me at 
Gary Griffin

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1942 Cadillac 6719 restoration almost complete?
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TMoore - NTCLC

Welcome -

Very exciting to see another 1942 6719 being preserved.  I also own the same car - purchased as a retirement project that is still a few years out, but am slowly acquiring parts and doing some work here and there on mine - I drove it this weekend while we had a break in the rains, and every time I drive it, I get a bit excited about what fun it is going to be to work on the restoration.  I am always surprised when another one of these cars pop up - with so few produced, I am thinking that this model is going to skew the survival rates for pre-war sedans.

I am following Gary's restoration blog so that I know what to expect when I start work on mine - he is doing a superb job on his car, and it is getting pretty close to being complete.  I would suggest his blog as a great road map. 

Get that camera out and post some pictures. 

gary griffin

Rich and Trish,

  What Todd did not mention is that 42 owners cling to each other sharing information and parts.  Tod and I have never met but we have discussed our cars and parts to some extent. I have some of his parts in my garage for patterns and will be giving him some of my spares later when I ship his parts back also. 

What is the production date of your car? This will determine how several items were on the car when original.

Does it have fog lamps. They are rectangular about 5" by 7" and are on both sides of the bottom of the grille. If not fog lamps there will be a delete plate in that position. Depend on date of manufacture the plate could be painted or chrome with black pained horizontal stripes.

Your data plate on the firewall will give you a lot of information such as original color and so forth.

I originally planned on a paint and seat cover job for a driver but as time went on I decided to do a full restoration.  Jeff Hanson is the Garu of 1942,s and he has had my back along the way. 

Many other idosynceries of the 42's and especially the 67 series.
Gary Griffin

1940 LaSalle 5029 4 door convertible sedan
1942 Cadillac 6719 restoration almost complete?
1957 Cadillac 60-special (Needs a little TLC)
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Jeff Hansen

Gary, you are much too kind!

Rich and Trish, welcome to the CLC Forum!  You are about to embark on a wonderful journey.  Should you have any questions or run into any troubles, we are here to help.  I concur with the others: please post photos when you have them!


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