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Started by ccd3, June 18, 2015, 09:15:15 PM

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I sent my wiper motor off several weeks ago for rebuild. I just got it back, but memory fails me where the copper ground strap attaches to the wiper motor assembly. At present, the ground is hanging from the bolt and rubber grommet on the firewall. Can anyone jog my memory?

Bobby B

Hi. You could jog ours by telling us the year/model.  ???
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Scot Minesinger

A fully operational 67 Deville will be at my house Saturday, if it is not answered by then, will snap a picture for you.
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That grommet with ground strap attaches to lower right mounting hole.

Tim Groves


Thanks folks- figured it out. I'm now ready for the rain.


Thanks for the reminder, I'm going to start with Rain X since rain looks likely in Milwaukee.  Have
no idea how old or what condition these wipers are in.  Bruce Roe


I can tell you this:

I am sitting here in Milwaukee on Monday, at 10 a.m. and it is pouring, and I do mean pouring rain!

Yes, it does look as though the show field may seem some rain as the week progresses.  Having said that, in Milwaukee it is not at all uncommon for some areas to get rain while others remain bone dry?
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