6 volt temperature indicator?

Started by John Barry [CLC17027], August 05, 2015, 02:35:49 PM

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John Barry [CLC17027]

I'm curious to know the actual temperature of the coolant in my '40 La Salle, as opposed to a qualitative cold-vs.-hot indication on the in-dash gauge.  I grant this means an after-market device would be installed.  Let's stipulate that I can live with that.  What I'm looking for would be one or more source recommendations, please.

While we're at it, can anyone verify that the drain port on the radiator on the same car is indeed a 1/8" pipe thread connection, as I suspect it is? 

John Barry (CLC 17027)
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Bobby B

  Hi. I use a regular mechanical temperature gauge in the head of the flathead. There is NO WAY that I would ever rely on the factory gauge for any type of accurate reading. Anybody that owns a flathead that doesn't have an accurate gauge is asking for trouble. They all have a tendency to run hot, and I would rather know ahead of time than before it's too late. I have it mounted below the dash, barely noticeable, just above my left knee. Auto Meter makes excellent gauges and just about everybody carries them. Hope this helps!
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I use the gas tube type which require no power (except the night light) and work even
when the engine is off.  Some of these have a 270 degree scale, allowing a face much
smaller than a standard 2" gauge.  Hardly show, easy to locate.  Bruce Roe