Exhaust Flex Metal Heat Shroud

Started by Pedal2Metal, October 15, 2015, 02:51:53 PM

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Looking for a source for the flex metal heat shroud that surrounds the forward pipes coming down from the exhaust manifold...for my 60 Biarritz. Original was zinc cadmium but stainless or other metal would do. If I could get my hands on an old one it could probably be reproduced. And who makes the best repop "factory spec" exhaust system? Thanks for any advice. ROB
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Grant Owen

I would try an Exhaust shop that's where I got mine from here in New Zealand , it is used in Truck exhaust systems maybe harder to get now since they have Stainless now which doesn't look right as it has squared of edges. the attached pic is of one of my cars with the shield I use.

Andrew Trout

My Dad and I got a replacement exhaust for our '61 Convertible from Classic Exhaust http://classicexhaustinc.com

It fit great. Y pipe, muffler, straight pipe, resonator and tailpipe. We opted for the aluminum version as opposed to the stainless. We've only had it on for a little bit so I can't comment as to the durability.

I'm not sure if they make the heat shroud you're looking for, you'll need to call them.

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