Preserving and Protecting Runningboard Rubber?

Started by Jeff Wilk, September 07, 2015, 10:34:22 AM

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Jeff Wilk

What is the best thing to put on new Runningboard Rubber to keep them supple?  These are not yet installed and will be staying flat in a box for probably 2-3 years until I am ready to use them.  Do I put paper between them?  Coat them with something? (some say use Vaseline???)  I want them to stay like the fresh high quality rubber they are now......Ideas?

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Bobby B

  I think you"ll do more damage getting the Vaseline off when the time comes. I don't see how Vaseline would keep them soft anyway.  There are some pretty good rubber protectants out there, and I don't mean armor-all. 303 rubber protectant is good, Blackfire, and Pinnacle also make equal products. Here's a blog from the net on some various other products that detailers have rated highly:

One Grand Exterior Rubber & Vinyl Dressing: A matt, low-gloss, finish product for all exterior rubber and vinyl that does not chalk or turn brown. My co-favorite product.

3M Rubber Treatment & Tire Dressing: A rich, emollient oil based conditioner that cleans and restores exterior rubber and vinyl. 3M has a slightly more glossy finish than One Grand, but is better choice to help restore slightly faded rubber trim. My co-favorite product.

Harly Tire Nu: A pump spray product with a medium to high gloss finish. If you like a higher gloss, then this might be your choice.

Lexol Vinylex: A fantastic product for the exterior rubber and vinyl but does not stand up to rain. One rain and it is history. If you have a garage queen then this may be your choice.

Meguiars #40 Vinyl & Rubber Conditioner: A vinyl/rubber cleaner and conditioner. I feel it works better on vinyl than it does on rubber. It leaves a medium-gloss finish.

Sonax Trim Protectant: Cleans and protects exterior vinyl and rubber and leaves a high-gloss finish.

Wurth Rubber Care: An aerosol product designed for the live rubber door gaskets. Will also help clean minor wax residue and restore the black patina to rubber parts, bumper casings and body side moldings.

Zymol Seal: A thick, glycerin rich product designed specifically for live rubber gaskets and seals.

Zymol Tyre Preserve: A waterless, natural cleaner and conditioner that leaves a medium-gloss and helps restore some of the black patina to rubber.

  Hope this helps! Good Luck!
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chris cunliffe

I use a product called Gummi Pflege to keep rubber parts soft and flexible.
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Gummi pflege is a silicone solution. More specifically Polydimethylsiloxane. No wonder it seems like amor-all.
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