72 Coupe DeVille

Started by willowbilly3, September 07, 2015, 10:39:44 AM

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 Followed me home yesterday. One owner car with 53,000 miles. Parked for several years and the sunny side is pretty baked.

Any sources for a vinyl top and any good tips on installing it myself?


you might want to check that paperwork. Sure looks like a 71. Unless it was hit and the nose replaced with an earlier one. But I don't think so because there's no coupe deville script on the sail panel.
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 Right you are, I just looked at the title and it's a 71. Just newer stuff than I usually deal in. thanks


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When you replace the vinyl top, be sure to get the correct grain which I believe is called "Tuxedo". Recently saw a 72 CDV with the Elk grain and it just looked wrong.

Below a link to a thread on this topic. Scroll down a bit ans there are pics.



you can order the correct top from sms
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Quote from: RobW on September 07, 2015, 06:05:11 PM
you can order the correct top from sms
Thanks. Are they a sponsored vendor here? I'm kinda new to the caddy world, haven't had to work on them since long before the internet.

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We don't "sponsor" vendors due to liability concerns, but fortunately, SMS needs no such recommendation. They have original fabric for just about everything.
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