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Author Topic: Judging Seminar Saturday Feb 6 2016 Las Vegas  (Read 618 times)

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Judging Seminar Saturday Feb 6 2016 Las Vegas
« on: September 20, 2015, 04:52:51 PM »
Let's get ready for the Grand National in Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada. See attached information for the details.
Questions?  William C "Bill" Anderson, P.E., Chief Judge,

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Re: Judging Seminar Saturday Feb 6 2016 Las Vegas
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2015, 07:51:23 PM »
OK-- I have a question/s Do those who are willing to judge fly in for the day to attend the class? Are judges selected only if they have attended one of the CLC judging seminars? Are these questions something I should already know the answers too?

As for me, It is EXPENSIVE to hop on a plane to go hither and yon to participate like I REALLY would LIKE TO-- But my monthly Utility Bill pretty much takes my entire retirement check. BUT will I make it to the western nationals? YES--- Been saving up any and all extra funds since the last Las Vegas meet so I can attend. Have it judged before? YES, I have -- Several Concours events.. And plenty of local shows-- Do I know what I am looking at? Well--- heck, does anyone? Lemme think out loud. I have hand in my hand EVERY nut-bolt piece of several recognized classics and a few hundred (yes you read it right) 50' and 60's Cadillacs. Have I ever restored any of these cars? HA! Do the cars here right now in my shop count? 1948 Sedanette, 58 series 62, 60 Eldorado, 61 series 62 convertible, 66 Eldorado, 29 341B.. Oh and non Cadillacs: 1929 and 39 Packards, 48 Desoto convert, 53 Desoto convert. 27 Pierce Arrow. I think you get the idea...

Have I EVER attended a judging class? Well yes---- AACA (note easy when you are on the west coast, but 5-times school and 3 CJE chips. --- Oh and what about other involvement? Well-- yes--- Been an appraiser since the mid 1980's--

Last year I was judging at a local Concours. I was talking to one of the members on my team, asked what kind of car he had... Now, keep in mind that I find MOST of the JUDGES out here in Krazyfornia seem to come from SCCA Clubs...  This guy told me he had a 1976 MG Midget at home he wanted to learn how to get it running.. AHK!! Our team was judging American cars 1950's (don't want to be to specific here) My team judge had never owned one or turned a wrench on an old car!

I could ramble on and on-- And I don't have any real POINT here--- just kinda would like to know WHO is qualified to judge--- Am I qualified? Who do I call to put my name on the list?  I get REAL bored standing around with nothing to do.

OK-- my ramble is over-- got it off my chest-- now you can kick the soapbox out from under me.. I'll go back out to the shop

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