Author Topic: Trying to Locate a 1999 Cadillac Sedan DeVille Black Tie Anniversary Edition  (Read 1037 times)

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What is the value?
How many were produced?
Where can I get one?

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I started selling Cadillacs in 2000 and don't recall ever seeing one. I checked the 99 Brochure that I have too.
My guess is is it a made up edition by the dealer, ie  Add a top, grille and vogues and call it a "Special Edition"

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This one had me stumped as well. Some searching turned up a 1999 "Tuxedo Edition" that was advertised for sale. The picture quality was rather poor but the car appeared to have a circular medallion on the sail panel instead of the regular wreath/crest logo which leads me to think there may be something in it...

That, plus 1999 would have been the 50th Anniversary for DeVille which at the time was the longest running model name although the name was no longer used to denote hardtop body style as originally.

In any case, it's difficult to imagine Cadillac not to have allowed the milestone to pass without notice of any kind.

Value? Probably not very different from a standard DeVille.

Production? No idea.

Where to get one? No idea either.

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Cadillac offered a $5,100 "Golden Anniversary Edition" package on the 1999 DeVille.  I believe around 2,100 were produced.

Although rarer, its value is probably pretty similar to other comparable DeVilles.
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Yes, the '99 DeVille "Fiftieth Anniversary Edition" was a factory option and included the unique "sail panel" or C-Pillar emblems, along with unique two-toned leather interior and special floor mats, if I recall. I think the exterior colors were limited to two or three and included White Diamond. In my opinion, a '99 DeVille equipped with this package would command a slightly higher price than an ordinary '99 DeVille.
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