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Started by eddiebibb1961, November 14, 2015, 10:20:05 AM

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I am trying to repair the vacuum operated automatic levelling feature on my 77 Cadillac.  Who has parts for these systems or who can restore them?  Jerone Bibb


It’s very much a do it yourself project.  The company that built them (Hadley as I recall} does not remember anything about them.  If you need parts you have to get them from another car.  Sometimes you can find parts in on eBay, but that is rare. 
Fortunately, most of the time they only need a good cleaning.  Sometimes you will find a dried out and torn diaphragm and that is a problem.  If you have the yellow cap on the regulator that is a big plus as that means the regulator is intact.  The design of this thing is such that the regulator is the safety vale and blows its guts out if the pressure in the line to the rear gets too high.     
Start off with looking at this web site: I wrote that to help people clean the regulator.  Sometimes corrosion builds up on the walls of the regulator and if manually you fill the reservoir the bits of corrosion will get stuck in the regulator causing the pressure in the line to the rear to go too high.  See above.
Be very careful if you separate the two halves that enclose the diaphragm, if someone used gasket cement or the diaphragm sticks to the halves it is easy to rip the diaphragm. 

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