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Updates from the Chief Judge

Started by Michael J. Cascio, February 27, 2015, 11:50:39 PM

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Michael J. Cascio

Here is our Chief Judge Bill Anderson's latest blog on judging for the 2015 Grand National.

Chief Judges Blog â€" Entry #2


Many changes are being made to CLC judging processes (refer to the December 2014 Judging Committee Report for details). Many of these changes will be phased in over the next two years, but some will apply at the upcoming Grand National in Milwaukee. Following are changes that apply to those entering cars for judging and display.

Car Entry forms for this year’s Grand National must be postmarked on or before June 12, 2015. Cars covered by entries postmarked after that date will be displayed in an area adjacent to the show field in a separate area and not be judged. The reason for this requirement is that time is needed to organize all timely-entered cars in chronological order and develop a show field plan that provides adequate space for judging each car. To encourage early entries, the entry fee doubles in the last two weeks when entries will be accepted â€" see the Entry Form for details. By entering early you will help provide a well-planned and executed event.

A requirement that has existed for years, but seldom enforced, is the 4 p.m. show closing time. All cars must remain on the show field until this time to afford ample opportunity for completion of judging, particularly for Best of Show, and for the enjoyment of all who attend. In an emergency, the Field Marshalls will allow leaving early by any entrant who possesses a Departure Form signed by the National Chief Judge. Any car leaving the show field before 4 p.m. without a Departure Form will forfeit any prize(s) it might have won.

To be fair to all entrants, all final car detailing should stop at 9 a.m. when judging starts. Someone has to go first and it is unfair to that person to allow more preparation time for those who come after.

A document, Guidance for Entrants, will be distributed with the entry confirmation. It provides all the information regarding entrant responsibilities and helpful information for having a car judged. Make sure your entry confirmation is correct in all respects as that information will determine where your car will be parked on the show field.

If you have questions, please call me (443) 994-5455 or write

Michael J. Cascio

Preparing Your Car for Judging - a new Blog has just been posted by the Chief Judge.

Click on the link below to see the blog post.

Michael J. Cascio


Michael J. Cascio

For the direct link to the blog please click below.


I am behind with this posting. Hopefully, some will check it before the Grand National.

There are a few exceptions to the “as delivered to the first owner” standard governing judging of cars in Touring, Primary, and Senior Divisions. There are two areas where common modifications will result in point deductions. The Judging Manual that is posted on the CLC website lists many other authenticity deductions.

No Points Deducted

Seat belts may be installed in cars not originally equipped with them. The installation should be neat, professional and generally consistent with factory installations.

A second taillight/stoplight may be installed on those only equipped with one. The added taillight must of the same design and mirror the installation of the original.

Turn signals may be installed on those cars not originally equipped. The best installation will hide the turn signal within an existing light fixture. For example, a parking light with an original single-contact bulb can be replaced with a dual-contact bulb with one circuit for parking and the other for turning as was used on later vintage cars.  If the turn signal is housed in an auxiliary lamp, the lamp housing shall be of the same era as the car. The turn signal operating mechanism should be neatly mounted on the steering column.

A dual-circuit master cylinder may be installed in place of single-circuit master cylinder. The installation should be consistent with a factory-installation.

Auxiliary electric fuel pumps that are installed in an inconspicuous and/or professional manner. Such fuel pumps may not be used during starting of the vehicle during the judging process.

Period correct and/or original government-issue stickers on the windshield.

Cadillac & LaSalle Club decals.

Points Deducted

Cars originally equipped with air conditioning systems using Freon as the refrigerant and converted to R-134a will receive a 1-point deduction. R-134a was first used by Cadillac in 1994.

Radial tires installed on cars originally equipped with bias-ply tires. Cadillac first installed radial tires in 1972


Michael J. Cascio

See below or click the above link for Chief Judge Bill Anderson's latest blog post.


The Judging Committee work was delayed while we focused on the just-completed 2015 Grand National.

Judges Training

The first of the 2-hour Judges Seminar was held Friday June 26, the day before judging. All appreciated the in-depth training and it was reflected in the judging the next day. The consistency of judging was enhanced by every judge having a two-sided document that provided all the standard deductions set forth in the CLC Judging Manual.

The Board approved the production and sale of various training videos for judges. These will be rolled out in the coming months. The first one to be offered is the “Judges Training Video”; it is the primary video used in all workshops and seminars. Coming later will be “Judging Basics” that discusses the foundation for CLC judging and a detailed explanation of basic CLC judging procedures and a judge’s responsibilities.

Judging Synopsis

All who had cars judged at the 2015 Grand National can obtain a Synopsis of how their car was judged and its score. To obtain yours, please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the Chief Judge together with a description of your car and the information on the dash card used during the show. After October 1, 2015 there will be a charge for the Synopsis.

William C. “Bill” Anderson, P.E.

CLC Chief Judge

2198 Johns Hopkins Road

Gambrills, MD 21054

Wheels and Tires

The Judging Committee is preparing a document to define factory correct wheels and tires for all models and all years. This will include sizes and whitewall widths, where applicable. The Committee is seeking documentation for whitewall widths. If you have an original tire â€" spares are often original and can provide this information â€" please, please send (1) documentation that it is original, (2) the car to which it was fitted, (3) the size of the tire, (4) the make of the tire, and the whitewall(s) width and any separating black stripes along with a photo of the tire to the Chief Judge at

Comments and Questions

Your questions and comments about CLC Judging and what the future holds for it are always

Michael J. Cascio

The Fall Festival is less the 60 days away. It will be a judged show. So, you can get some Judge’s Recognition points and the chance for a prize for your car. Matters related to judging are proceeding rapidly. There will be a 2-hour Judges Seminar at Gilmore on Friday, September 25, 2015 from 3 to 5 p.m. Also…..

Entry Procedure Change

The entry procedures for the Fall Festival have been tweaked. All entrants must present proof of entry at registration. All entrants receive a Confirmation of Entry from the car event registrar (Mike Book). Please print this document and bring it with you to the Fall Festival. Also, bring a copy of your proof of insurance for the car you enter.

Get Your Judges or Tabulators Recognition Pins

Forms have been posted on the CLC website for Judges and Tabulators to get recognition for judging or tabulating experience at CLC events prior to 2015. I captured the details for 2015, but you can get credit for your experience in 2014 and before. Details are on the forms.

The forms are located on the CLC website â€" Judging/Tech and select the appropriate form. Mail the completed forms to:

William C. “Bill” Anderson, P.E.

CLC Chief Judge

2198 Johns Hopkins Road

Gambrills, MD 21054

Judging Video Available

The official CLC Judging Video CD is now available for purchase. The more times you view the video, the more you learn. With your own copy, you can do this often and at your convenience.

You can order them through the website. Or, if you want to pay by credit card, call the CLC office with your order. Or, you can send a check to:

William C. “Bill” Anderson, P.E.

CLC Chief Judge

2198 Johns Hopkins Road

Gambrills, MD 21054

The cost is $45 including the cost of shipping.

Judges Workshop

Another Judges Workshop will be held February 6, 2016 in Las Vegas. This is your chance to get some detailed instruction on how to improve your judging and accumulate 4 points towards your Judge’s Recognition Pin. A few more details remain to be finalized and then registrations will be accepted. Don’t hesitate to register as each Workshop is limited to 50 participants.

Michael J. Cascio

Chief Judges Blog â€" Entry #8


The Judging Committee has approved new Divisions and Classes that will be first used at the 2017 Grand National. A summary follows.

The Divisions are:

The Primary Division is for Cadillac and LaSalle automobiles manufactured as 1999 models and older and/or which are 20 years old and older as manufactured, assembled and/or authorized for sale by the Cadillac Motor Division of General Motors. This Division includes “Limited Production” Cadillacs produced by (or under the auspices of) the Cadillac Motor Car Division.

Limited Production Cadillacs as used here means those factory-produced vehicles that differ in certain respects from the standard models. It includes cars modified by outside companies to the specifications of, or with the approval of, General Motors Corporation prior to delivery to Cadillac dealers.

The Touring Division is for Cadillac and LaSalle automobiles 10 years old and older as manufactured, assembled and/or authorized for sale by the Cadillac Motor Division of General Motors. This Division includes “Limited Production” Cadillacs as previously defined.

The Preservation Division exists to encourage the conservation and preservation of original, unrestored Cadillac and LaSalle automobiles that are 30 years old and older. Such cars provide a wealth of information about how the craftsmen of Cadillac designed and built them.

The Specialty & Unique Cars Division exists to recognize concept cars and prototypes produced by or sponsored by the Cadillac Motor Division of General Motors, specialty models with Cadillac chassis, power, and/or body produced by recognized coachbuilders or specialty manufacturers in limited numbers, and Cadillac-powered race cars.

The Modified Division exists to recognize hot rods, customs and resto-mods employing Cadillac or LaSalle chassis, body, and/or drivetrain. A special area on the showfield will be provided for all modified cars entered for judging or display only.

The Display Division can include any vehicle that could be included in any one of the other Divisions that the owner wishes show at the Grand National Meet or other authorized judged event but does not want the vehicle judged. Modified cars entered in the Display division will be parked with other Modified cars on the show field.

The current Senior Divisions will cease to exist after the 2016 Fall Festival. However, Senior badges and Senior Wreaths and Crowns will still be awarded. Cars competing for these awards will be part of the Primary Division.

Classes are the same for Primary, Touring, and Display Divisions. The existing classes in Primary have been retained and expanded to include models through 2022. The other Divisions have classes particularly designed for each.

Those interested in receiving a complete copy of the approved Divisions and Classes document before it is published in a new Judging Manual can request one from the Chief Judge at


Michael J. Cascio


Fall Festival Judging a Success

The 2015 Fall Festival is just completed. There were relatively few cars (30) to judge, but an adequate number of judges. Improvement in judging quality was noted. A unique feature was presentation of awards. After judging was complete on Saturday, the tabulation staff hand ample time to score all the entries and determine the award winners. On Sunday morning, those cars winning second and third prizes were presented a ribbon and their trophy so they could be displayed all day. First place winners were identified with a blue ribbon. In the afternoon, all first place winners received their trophy in a drive-by ceremony near the Cadillac Museum.

The 2016 Fall Festival is scheduled for September 23 to 25, 2016 at the Museum. This event affords an opportunity to have your car judged if you don’t want to or can’t travel to Las Vegas in April.

Modified Division Judging Form Drafted

The form and procedures for judging modified cars has been drafted and tentatively approved by the Judging Committee. It has been circulated to the Modified Chapter for review and comment. The Potomac Region fall show is focusing on modified Cadillacs and arrangements have been made to pilot test the form and procedures there with two or three cars.

If you would like a copy of the form for review, you can obtain one by writing to me at

Get Your Judges or Tabulators Recognition Pins

All systems have developed to process requests for credits for prior judging experience. Application forms are posted on the CLC website for Judges and Tabulators. I captured the details for all who participated in judging events in 2015 â€" Judges Workshops, Judges Seminars, GN judging and tabulating and Fall Festival judging and tabulation. To get credit for your experience in 2014 and before you need to apply. Details are on the forms.

The forms are located on the CLC website â€" Judging/Tech and select the appropriate form. Mail the completed forms to:

William C. “Bill” Anderson, P.E.

CLC Chief Judge

2198 Johns Hopkins Road

Gambrills, MD 21054


Michael J. Cascio

Changes in Judging Rules â€" Now & 2017
by: William C. “Bill” Anderson, P.E.

The Cadillac & LaSalle Club Board of Directors approved a program in January 2015 authorizing significant changes in the judging of cars at CLC National Events. The Judging Committee is hard at work developing the procedures to implement these changes.


The judging at the Grand National in Las Vegas in April and the Fall Festival in September embrace some of these changes including:

•   Cars entered in Touring are not excluded from a first place prize or forced to compete in the Primary Division if they score more than 92 points.
•   All judges’ scores are counted; no longer are the high and low judges’ results excluded when determining a car’s score.
•   Judges can collaborate with each other when judging cars.
•   Judges must attend a 2-hour seminar for training the day before cars are judged.
•   This is the last year for the Senior Division and the Senior Classes; in 2017 they will be included in the Primary Division.


More changes will be phased in with the 2017 Grand National and Fall Festival Events including:

•   Cars up to 2007 can be entered in the Touring Class
•   Two different judging forms will be used in 2017 for Primary and Touring Divisions â€" one for cars in 1966 and before and different form for 1967 cars and after.
•   All cars that receive the required points for an award will receive that award regardless of the number of cars qualifying for a particular award.
•   Cars entered in the Primary Division can win a Senior, Senior Wreath or a Senior Crown award the first time they are shown if they achieve the points required â€" Senior Crown 99 to 100 points, Senior Wreath 97 to 98 points, and Senior 95 to 96 points. The medallions and adornments will continue, but there will be new trophies for these three Senior Awards. A special award will be awarded to Senior Crown cars that obtain 98 points or more when shown after achieving the Senior Crown prize..
•   A Specialty & Unique Division has been created for concept cars and special models, such as pickups and station wagons.
•   Modified cars will be judged in four classes â€" Hot Rods, Restomods, Mild Customs and Radical Customs â€" using procedures and judging forms specifically developed for them. First, Second, and Third prizes will be awarded in each class.

I will expand upon these and discuss other changes and topics related to judging in future News From the Chief Judge. If you have questions, please contact me.