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Selling a Cadillac Going To Canada

Started by Greg Powers, April 07, 2016, 08:08:25 PM

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Greg Powers

I am a novice when it comes to shipping a car out of the country. The buyer tells me that I need a valid passport or EIN number for the transfer company to carry the car into Canada. My passport is expired and I didn't know an individual could get an EIN number. I would appreciate any information from anyone with experience in this area. Thanks for your help. - Greg
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The Tassie Devil(le)

Usually, it is up to the importer (buyer) to apply for the necessary paperwork from their local, Federal or State Transport Office.

The Exporter can do it, but they still need the same paperwork that the Importer requires.

In some cases in Australia, if a vehicle doesn't meet the importing requirements, it can be refused entry.

What happens between USA and Canada appears to have changed since the requirement of Passports to cross the border.   The only problem with simply an American driving a car across the border, and then passing the car to a Canadian could be that the vehicle might not be able to be registered in Canada without the proper paperwork.

As an aside, it is illegal to import vehicles into Australia that have been modified with later parts, as these later parts might not comply with the Australian Design Rules (ADR's)   Some Hot Rods and Custom Cars have been denied entry.

When I imported my cars to Australia, there was a fair amount of paperwork that had to be completed, then the vehicles had to be checked before leaving USA to ensure that they hadn't been stolen.   With my boat and trailer, Australian authorities were more concerned re the trailer than the boat.

Bruce. >:D

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Dan LeBlanc

I just did the process in November.

Tell him to go through here:

I had my shippers export declaration within 48 hours, they failed the documents in the AES system with the census Bureau for me. I sent them a scanned copy of the title and bill of sale and they used my Canadian passport number to file it because I was the shipper and exporter (brought the car home myself).  Had zero issues at the border. The seller only needed to give me a bill of sale this way. He provided zero personal information for this.

Two copies of the SED, title, and Bill of sale have to be at the US border 72 hours before export. When you show up at the border with the car, have the original documents. You need to stop at US customs first. They'll verify the VIN and then stamp your paperwork. Then one proceeds to the Canadian border with the stamped paperwork to Canada Customs. They'll collect the federal sales tax and give you some import paperwork to take to their local DMV. The local DMV will collect the provincial sales tax at the time the car is registered in the province of residence.

I usually have a copy of the payment method from the bank to prove value.

It's not a complicated procedure if you know the steps and have all the documentation prepared.
Dan LeBlanc
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Work with the transport company moving the vehicle.   They'll tell you what you need and provide a customs declaration agent to get it through customs.   It depends who's paying the shipping who gets to choose carriers.   FOB - means where the buyer takes possession.   
Once it's one that side, the buyer has to figure out what he needs for registration.   That's not your problem.   I used to do shipping hazardous goods a long time ago which is worse.   Not sure why in this case, law may have changed, but if you need a passport.
You can get a passport in one day, with an expired one and a pictures, if you're close to an issuing office.   Otherwise, you'll have to mail it in and it'll take weeks.   I had to fly to Chicago once to sit at the passport office all day so I could fly out that night overseas on business.   So it happens.   

Dan LeBlanc

The whole import process itself into Canada has remained the same.  It's the export side from the US that has changed with the requirement to have a shipper's export declaration at the time the car is presented to the border.  That came into effect April 1, 2015.

Having imported 7 cars to Canada from the US, I can honestly say the process isn't as bad as people think.
Dan LeBlanc
1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car


Dan certainly has a strong - hands on - understanding of the process, and if you as the seller are burdened with getting the car into Canada for your buyer - so be it.
I would then suggest you open up some direct discussions with Dan to get the step by step's to protect yourself.

From my personal experience in selling cars to buyers outside the US - like most recently Spain, I offer the following:
The method of payment should be in CASH.
I would not accept any other form of payment, and if anyone tells you that bank Cashier's Checks are golden, and can not be dishonored is light in their understanding of the workings of US banks.
Stop Payments are extremely common, and it is assumed that Cashier's Checks can not be reversed/dishonored by a Stop Payment.
The car is gone, and you can be left with a dishonored document - and the funds may be removed from your account, even if previously the Check had been honored, and funds deposited.

If you are not bound by having to process the sale into Canada - then ask for the money in CASH from the Transport Firm - chosen by the buyer, as his Agent - based on instructions they receive from the buyer.
They will give you the buyer's CASH, with the surrender of the car to them, and in exchange for your ownership documents, signed over to the buyer - their client - along with a Bill of Sale, and if in your State a Notice of Non-responsibility indicating to your State DMV that you no longer own the car - and who now does - so what happens thereafter is the buyer's concern and not yours.
Therefore, the result is to shift the risk of the transaction to where it belongs - with the Buyer, and his Transporter, and Agent.

Offering up a Butcherism - "never hurry to a disaster".
Have fun,
Steve B.
S. Butcher

Dan LeBlanc

By all means, Greg, contact me directly if you need anything more.
Dan LeBlanc
1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car


Hello Greg,

If I recall correctly, an individual can use their Social Security Number in lieu of an EIN.

Christopher Winter
Christopher Winter
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With respect to receiving payment when selling to a foreign buyer  I'd suggest you consider a wire transfer under the following stipulations:   
1. spend a few dollars to open a fresh bank account.
2. Provide those new bank account  details to the buyer and
3  have them transfer the funds to that fresh account .
4 once the money is available remove it  placing it in your usual account (or under the mattress or go buy another Cadillac).I think that works well.  I have spent many years working for ocean shipping firms (not much to Canada)  and if a CLC member  has a question I will be happy to offer my insight.


Sorry  i neglected to sign my posting   

Ken Wiebke
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Greg Powers

Thank you all so much for your help. I was able to get an expedited passport and am arranging to have the money wired into a local account. This forum is always a wealth of shared knowledge. I really appreciate the help and feel much more comfortable with the transfer.
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