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SRX 2006 six cylinder advice

Started by James Landi, April 21, 2016, 06:14:52 PM

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James Landi

On the verge of purchasing a 2006 SRX with the 6 cyl engine with 27,000 miles--- looking at 11K and seems a good price for the low mileage,privately owned, "dad died, hardly used the (florida condo) car.." 

I looked at the frequency of repair record, and it's somewhat frightening... but, then at 27k miles, what could possibly go wrong....(need your advice here-- thank you)

Now aside from that, here's a possible deal breaker--- I want to tow my 1959 Century 16' resorter on an aluminum trailer.  I am looking up the towing capability, and some postings say 1000 #.s and some say 2,500 #s... can that be?  Appreciate your help with both questions,   James

GBrown #8092

FWIW: says 1000lbs.
However, says 2000lbs.


James Landi

Thanks Glenn-- appreciate the validation... seems as if GM was being more than careful... James


James:   I have a 2011 SRX with 22,000 miles and no issues so far. Great little SUV for ever day use.