The King's Cadillac, 1951 Fleetwood 75 Imperial Sedan

Started by 57eldoking, April 28, 2016, 03:12:40 PM

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In the May issue of the Self-Starter I wrote an article on a very special Cadillac which I've devoted much time to over the past four years. The article covers both the car's special history and my involvement with it so I'm not going to go through it again here. Because I had so much picture material on the car, everything could not possibly fit inside a 5 page article. The pictures in the article rightly focused on the car's significant history during its 40 year ownership by King Olav V of Norway. However, I thought forum members would enjoy some pictures of the restoration process, how it came out and looks today under ownership of the American Car Club of Norway.

My father receiving ownership of the car on behalf of the American Car Club of Norway in October 2013

Fast forward 8 months to May of 2014 and the body is on a rotisserie at Bob Ore Restorations in Erie, PA.

Even royal Cadillacs have rust!

Picking up the car for transport to Norway in January 2015.

Made the national evening news broadcast headlines the day of the unveil!

Front page of Norway's largest news paper!

Appearance on Good Morning Norway

The car toured 30 cities nationwide for 6 weeks last summer with the club's 40th Anniversary Road Show.

It's a special feeling to take it for a cruise. I'm not a royalist by any means but its still a somewhat humbling feeling to sit behind the same wheel as the former king!

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Thanks for sharing!  Fantastic pictures of a fantastic car!

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