Fall Hershey Parade-in, October 1962

Started by Dan LeBlanc, May 01, 2016, 01:21:55 PM

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Dan LeBlanc

Saw this on Facebook. Note what would've been a brand new 1963 Sixty Special next to a 1960 parked at the entrance. Saw the rear of a 54/55, a really dirty 61 Six Window Sedan, 1962 in there,  and a brass era Cadillac going into the show.

Dan LeBlanc
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Very interesting to see what a day at Hershey looked like back then.

The sad part is that to document a brand new car (in this case, a '63 Fleetwood) would only have occurred to only the most forward-thinking of individuals. How great would that have been!

Excellent video all the same.

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Yes, thanks for posting that!   8)

I bet all those cars are still around.

That was when my '70 was even a glimmer in GM's eye.   :o

In general, very  8)

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Thanks Dan for this.   I noticed the "Ab Jenkins 1935 Duesenberg Special" was in the drive by.   Since this was a one off car its got to be the same yellow/red car that was on display at the 2014 Hershey Elegance.  And it's a telling shot because the jewelry like the big chrome letters on the hood S U P E R C H A R G E D are not present in 1962, neither are the tear drop fairings with headrests. 
I agree with South paw, people dressed back then, you got to believe the popularity of denim lead to our general casual slob look of today.
Finally, boy that 1963 Fleetwood sits low, either it's fully loaded with a trunk full of parts and a compartment full of passengers OR they really sat that low when new.

Joe Vastola

Thanks for posting.  Watching this video really hits home the point that we are just temporary custodians of our cars.  Looking at the faces of the men driving tells an interesting story as they drive their pride and joys on a Hershey sunny day.  They probably weren't thinking about where their cars would be 53 years later.


Interesting to see so many people dressed up in suits and dresses. Also I didn't see any over weight people.
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Alan Harris CLC#1513

My wife also commented that there were no fat people there and that people must have been thinner in 1962. I also noticed that there were more women present with their husbands than you would see today at Hershey.

On a side note, one week later, the world would be on the brink of nuclear war.

gary griffin

A point in time I recall. I was discharged from the army Sept 18th at Fort Dix N J.  A lot of water has passed under the bridge since that day. Their daily drivers are now classics. I have never seen that many Yellow cars in one place before either.  Great video and thanks for posting it!!
Gary Griffin

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So cool!  I can't identify many of these prewar and brass era cars but they are sure fun to look at.  Do this many cars of that age still appear at Hershey?  Would love to go someday.  One of my favorite bits was the father and probably his teenage son carrying home over their shoulders the prized bumper sections they probably found at the swap meet area.  Other posters' comments are spot on too, even little kids were dressed nicely.  Thanks for sharing.
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