Author Topic: trying to find this car has anybody seen it out there? 1967 6 wheel cadillac  (Read 731 times)

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trying to locate 1967  6 wheel cadillac shown on the new cadillac data base site also thanks
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jeff thanks for the post bud! the car on flicker and google is a 1968 that i built in early 90s (and still own)to replicate the 1967 that i used to own from 1976 to 1980 and yes that's me sitting on it 40 years ago LOL! you can tell the difference in the 2 only by the rear bumper being a 68 and the shroud over the side pipes are different the last time i seen the 67 it was sold to a chicago lawyer named zimmerman and never saw again the picture in this message is the 68 at car show last year ive been searching for years for this car im almost thinking the car sitting for years in someones garage rotting away ? the 67 is also on cadillac data base your probably wondering why i want to find the 67 when i have the 68 i think being older grasping the memory's but hey i think thanks what clc is about thanks again and have a great day! b. lamp

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I suggest an ad in HMN with a generous reward for information on the cars location.
HTH, Bob
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i may give that a try thanks bob,b.lamp


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