1970 Eldorado brake booster CONCLUSION

Started by cadillac ken, May 15, 2016, 12:00:41 PM

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cadillac ken

First off thanks to all you guys' input on this.  I picked up the Olds Tornado booster yesterday and compared it to my 1970 Eldo one.  As suspected, it was identical except for one small detail.  The rod that connects to the brake pedal was about an inch longer than the one on the Eldo booster.

Now I have never had much luck removing one of those rods.  The ones that go into the master cylinder on some cars have a clip you can sometimes work free and remove the rod.  But the ones in the boosters.  I've never been able to unravel that mystery. Of course this was my first plan of action as it would have been the easiest. On to plan B.

Since I had the booster in hand I decided to modify the brake pedal (I have a lathe, milling machine, etc. at my shop) and use the Olds booster.  It worked out well but as a direct replacement--- not.  Unless of course someone has the knowledge to remove the rods from the boosters and make the swap to the one inch shorter Eldo booster rod.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about all this is that the Olds booster is readily available but the Eldo one is not (?)

Go figure, right?  Cost of the Olds booster: $112.00



If you ever sell the car you should let the buyer know.
Can you imagine the nightmare in the future if the booster goes bad?
No one would ever think that the brake pedal was modified.

Is this also the case with a 70'Deville?

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Scot Minesinger

The RWD 1970 Cadillacs such as DeVille and the like use a different power brake booster than the FWD 1970 Cadillacs.

It is great that you got it to work by modifying the car that would never be known to judges, but as Brian states, definitely let it be known.  Most, including me, would have just purchased the Eldo brake booster rather modifying the car to suit an Olds booster.  Hopefully this is your last booster replacement on this car.  If I ever order an Eldo booster and rod is too short, I will know what happened and just order a Toranado booster.

Thanks for posting conclusion, as always good info.
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cadillac ken

I can assure you the car will NEVER be for sale!

After I'm dead, it will have the folder I keep for every car I own to outline every item that was modified or replaced for the next owner as well as any idiosyncrasies the car may have.  I'm kind of crazy that way.  I respect the next guy who is going to enjoy the car after I'm gone.

Cheers, ken