'60 Barritz Top Frame help

Started by Whit, May 18, 2016, 09:17:43 PM

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I'm looking for guidance (photos, information...) on how to put together the framework for the soft top on my '60 Barritz. I took it all apart to have the chromed pieces re-chromed and the frame pieces painted. I find that it is difficult to re-assemble. I made new 'stake pins' and have new bushings for all the joints. I didn't take enough photos to be sure how everything goes together and attaches to the car.

Help...   Thanks Whit


What parts are you having problems with.
Take some pics of the areas.
Have fun,
Steve B.
S. Butcher


I spent some time figuring it out today...I think I've got it. I will post some pictures next week.

Thanks  Whit