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Started by caddymanmarc, May 20, 2016, 08:16:42 PM

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my 76 cadillac sedan de ville does not have the cruise control switch on the dash. i'm searching to find out if this year models all have the switch or where some assembled without it. my caddy has the stalk with the button for cruise, but no switch on the dash. the cruise was working, but with some recent work under the dash and on the carb, the cruise no longer is working. this cars previous owner had done some serious rewiring under the dash and was wondering if he may have had bypassed the switch, or where they discontinued at some point.
thanks caddymanmarc

Scot Minesinger

Not sure if it has the switch or not, but the shop manual will inform you for sure.  The 1970 Cadillac has the dash switch and turn signal switch.  Who ever worked under dash (brake switch adjustment) or carb (throttle linkage) may owe you.
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GBrown #8092

If there is no dash switch, likely it is a post factory install.

G. Brown


It should have a switch


Marc, Cruse Control installed at the factory would have a switch as the picture Dave posted and George says on the lower left side of the dash. However, if it was dealer installed it would have a single button on the turn signal lever. I have attached the 1976 Accessories Catalog (see page 4). Hope this help. Lynn