Crashed '70 on eBay. Fixable? or move on and buy another?

Started by chrisntam, May 22, 2016, 08:12:59 AM

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Bobby B

Quote from: harry s on May 23, 2016, 10:23:22 AM
Hey Bob, Last I checked Virginia was still on this planet, although some of their political maneuvers may indicate otherwise. In my experience VA will not issue a clean title allowing registration of a salvage vehicle.

Hi. Hope all is well.... Here in NJ a Salvage title can be converted with a detailed inspection of the vehicle. Usually takes an hour or so, and if it passes, it can be converted to an operable title. As strict as this State is, I've known some people who have been successful with very little hassle. I guess every State is different.
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Dan LeBlanc

Put me in the get a rusted hulk of a car for parts category and fix this one for fun.  Could be a fun driver.  Something to take to work on a nice day with the top down and not worry about bird poop on the hood, a rock chip on the header panel, or a parking lot ding.

My 63 Impala sedan was a driver car and I had more fun driving that car than you could ever imagine.  I'd drive it 3 days a week to work sometimes, took the kids to the drive in in it and didn't have to worry about the things I worry about with the 61.

As already mentioned, a rusty frame, good sheet metal sedan, pull the front clip, replace, repaint, sort mechanicals as necessary using the donors and have fun.

Dan LeBlanc
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