What are you doing with your Cadillac this Memorial Day Weekend?

Started by chrisntam, May 28, 2016, 09:42:55 AM

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I'll be participating in the annual neighborhood Memorial Day Parade, driving my 87 & 88 year old parents who are honored each year for their participation in the neighborhood crime watch (patrol).  Yes, they drive around their neighborhood looking to report bad guys.  Hopefully, the rain will hold off, there's a 60% chance it won't rain.  It's a small parade around the subdivision, top down and we toss candy out to all the kids.  Great fun.  I'm sure I'll hear "What year is it?" and "Nice car!"  I hope it doesn't overheat.....  We'll see, should be in the low 80s that day

So, what are you doing?  A nice cruise? Some wrenching?  Certainly not a car wash.... :o 
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Scot Minesinger

After 19 days ( a new record by far, usually it is never more than 2 or 3) of rain in Virginia every single day ending May 24th, I have been driving my 1970 Cadillacs as daily drivers to recover from withdrawl.

Today and this weekend will be no different from last few days, will be driving and enjoying my 1970 Cadillacs.  Just cleaned my red caddy up last night so it is ready to go.  The SDV does not get as much use as the convertible when the weather first breaks.
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Just finished with the new exhaust system on my '79 Paris/camino.  Finishing up on my '73 Coupe/Hot rod cooling system.  New electric fans, re-rung and bearing 511 inch roller cammed "warmed over" motor.  Probably too hot for the rest of the year for the track, but it will be ready.
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gary griffin

Since I need to stay home and miss the annual tradition of taking my parents to the cemetery to decorate our ancestors resting places I will be in the garage working towards final completion of my 1942-6719.  My partner had surgery and she needs some help. She uses her cell to call my cell in the garage when she needs something.
Gary Griffin

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Joe Vastola

Wife's van is in need of a front brake job.  About to drive the 49 to pickup parts.  Beautiful day so it may be a long ride.

Jeff Wilk

A family affair all the way in our special little town if Colts Neck, NJ....my Wife and I will be in the front seat of our '76 Cadillac Mirage this year with some the Fire Department lady's auxiliary members including my daughter and daughter in law riding in the open air back throwing candy to the kids....my oldest Son will be driving one of the BIG rigs from the Fire Department of which he is a senior member, and this year we lost Noah from riding with us as HE will be driving the big farm tractor pulling the large hay wagon with the towns Veterans riding in it.  This parade goes to Memorial Park where a local town resident uses his black powder musket to reenact a salute to the buried soldier there from the Revolutionary War and to honor all Veterans who gave so much so WE can enjoy our freedom and our Cadillacs!

Jeff....proud to be American and grateful to all our Veterans and current duty forces for their service.....
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Taking the '37 Cad 8519 to the local Marley Mall Saturday Night Car Show. First event this year. Looking forward to driving the car.
Ty Stinson
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Going for a cruise! It's been a week since I've driven my baby, and I need to go for one before I go crazy here. 8) ;D
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harry s

I have been asked to drive one or two WW II veterans in the Nat'l Parade in downtown DC on Monday in my '37 75 series convertible sedan. There are a number of the veterans serving as Grand Marshalls, most are in their 90s and one of them is 100. I think there will be 8 or 10 cars, mostly Cadillacs. The weather forecast sucks but  is nothing compared to what the "Greatest Generation" did for us. The parade starts at 2 and is on REELZ TV and probably other stations.   Harry
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Just finished buttoning up the new Carb and fuel lines on the 57 and have been checking the dwell and a few other small things to make sure it has not moved. Then going on a nice long drive.

Gene Beaird

Walking by them, giving them a pat on the core support as I walk by, getting to our Tahoe PPV to finish up the 2/3" drop kit and new sway bar install.

We have to get the Tahoe done so my wife can use it for work on Tuesday.
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Going up to Possum Holler Garage to do some small stuff on my '41. Coupla hoses and a few items towards completion! Every little bit helps!
Don Ford
Don Ford

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Well, just got done with the parade, prolly 80 degrees outside, car idling for the better part of 30 to 40 minutes, water temp got up to 215 (has a 180 stat).  No a/c on, that would have raised it even higher.  I'll post pics as soon as I can.

No other Cadillacs took part, about 5 old Hudsons, some old T-birds, an old firetruck, '68 mustang, '70 cutlass, '65 Malibu, some Model As, and an old, cool looking army jeep from WWII (the big one, to quote Archie Bunker).
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harry s

I had the same experience idling along stop & go for 30 to 40 minutes in about mid 80s, overcast but thank goodness no rain. Temp gauge got just over half way which is about 200*. We had four Cadillac convertibles; 1936, 1937 (me), 1946 and a '76 Eldo. The rest were Packards and Lincolns. It was a lot of fun and I hope to do it again next year.    Harry
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my local car club had a show Saturday. I worked one of the booths. 7-4   Saturday night my Wife oldest son, mom, dad and I  went to the  Chuck a burger cruise. They have been cruising at joint since 1957. My parents frequented this place in the 50's. I did in the 80's with my 56 Mercury.
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Congratulations Dad! I did that for five family weddings. A great way to show your car and save them a lot of money too.
Ty Stinson
Ty Stinson
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Here are a few pics...
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