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Horn location

Started by Whit, August 02, 2016, 09:29:01 PM

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My '60 Barritz has a third horn ('trumpet horn') that I'm not sure where it goes. I don't see a bracket for it. Does anyone have a photo of the front of area in front of the radiator that shows this horn in place. I can see several places it could go, but I want it to be right.

Many thanks   WHIT

Lucas Feininger #15674

Trumpet horn on a 1965 Eldorado
Lucas Feininger
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1965 Eldorado
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Here's mine on a 62 convertible, as you can see location varied from mine(62) from that of a(65), I'm not sure of your placement on a (60), but I would think it would closer to that of a 62, but again not 100% sure, hope this helps you out?! Best Regards Joe
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Excellent information...thanks to all. The photos are a great help.


David Greenburg


On the '60, the horn is located adjacent to the fender on the driver's side, pointing down.  Here are a couple of pictures of mine.
David Greenburg
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'61 Fleetwood Sixty Special


Thanks to all for the help.