For radiator clogging problems.

Started by 55 cadi, August 15, 2016, 01:32:12 PM

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55 cadi

Hello all,

I have seen a few posts about recore of radiators. On another post i mentioned but thought everyone might want to know in case they dont.

If you have a radiator that is getting clogged from whatever reason(junk clogging material) when you recore the radiator, and flush out the block, you cant always get everything out.

If you want to make sure not to clog it again i suggest this......Gano filter, google it.

I used on my 66 mustang, i had my radiator re-cored and i flushed out engine, found it was clogging again, so had it re-cored at another radiator shop in Huntington Beach California and they had this part, a Gano filter, i installed it with a different upper hose to cut the filter in and was getting all the junk that was still flowing through the system, it is a clear case that installs on the inlet to radiator and a metal screen inside that you can see, when it has junk in it you take it off, clean it out and re-install until there is no more getting trapped in the screen, at that point you can put back in the original hose or another new hose and be confident it wont happen again.

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