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Started by Barry M Wheeler #2189, August 17, 2016, 08:38:07 PM

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Barry M Wheeler #2189

About the 30th of July, I received a packet from Cadillac in the mail consisting of the new issue of the Cadillac magazine, a 2016 ATS catalog, and an offer for current ATS owners. For leasees, they offered to pay up to four lease payments and a cash offer. To make a long story short, I called my sales person at the dealership and told him to run some numbers on the basic model. Eventually, we came to an agreement, finally finding a silver car in TN.

I wanted to drive it on a trip to VA to see our first new Great granddaughter instead of putting 1400 more miles on the 2014. We were still ahead on miles so using them wasn't a problem, but I wanted the new car for the trip in any case.

It turned out to be a good decision as the car got 33 MPG instead of the miserly 25 that I got as the absolute best on the 2014. I used the sport mode on the trip out on the 50 miles of West VA turnpike, but on the trip back, we had a major slowdown over the same road. When we got to where the problem was, we found a large lowboy with the rear wheels burnt. And what it was hauling was a fully restored Sherman tank. What are the odds of seeing something like that in the wilds of WV?

In any case, for any of you that got the same packet, you might see what kind of deal you could get. They've made many improvements on the car in the last couple of model years. Fuel cost for the trip was right at $60 for the 1400 miles.

Because of a major accident in Charleston, we lost a couple of hours and drove and drove (and drove) trying to find a motel along US 35 in OH, finally finding one in Zenia about 11 PM. So, it is comfortable as well.
Barry M. Wheeler #2189

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I love road trips.   Especially seeing different things makes up for the inconvenience of problems on the journey.

Bruce. >:D
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Hello Barry,

I think the odds of seeing a Sherman tank on a lo-boy are pretty good ONLY in West Virginia!  Glad you like your new car.

Christopher Winter
Christopher Winter
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Too bad you couldn't snap a picture of the Sherman, one of my hobbies is anything WWII.

Sounds like the new ATS served you well on your trip!  :)