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1946 Cadillac 4 door- I need some help!

Started by Domimax, August 30, 2016, 01:01:23 PM

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I will try to keep this short. I know nothing about these cars. Am just trying to help a dear friend who has run into a rough patch.

His Dad bought this car new. It has 34k original miles and has never been molested. He has every sheet of paper the car came with. The car has not been started since 1975. It has been stored indoors with heat and air that entire time.

He wants me to sell the car for him and I have no idea where to start. Any advice is most appreciated. I do have some pictures I can send. The car is located in Birmingham, Al. Regards, David

Steve Passmore

Pictures and condition is all important. If you look on eBay and on the for sale sec tion here you can get a comparison of condition and price.

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The car is in amazing condition. I will look around Ebay. Thanks, David

Dan LeBlanc

Remember.  Your definition of amazing and a buyer/collector's definition of amazing may be two different things.

Pics will help us help you.
Dan LeBlanc
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Will try to figure out how to post the pictures I have. Is there a tutorial on how to post pictures to this forum? Thanks

Dan LeBlanc

When you click reply, below where you write your text, there's a plus sign next to attachments and other options.  Click the plus.  It will show more options.  Under there is an attach.  Click browse, find the photo.  Click more attachments and do the same for the next photo.  There is a maximum of 10 attachments per post.

When you have all your pictures, click post and that should be it.
Dan LeBlanc
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These are the pictures when it was removed from his Dad's house last week. He said it is the first time the car has seen the light of day since the seventies. No attempt was made it clean or shine the car up when these pictures were taken. The car is now in a new storage area and his Dad's house is for sale.


It looks like a very nice car. If your friend wanted to fix it and keep it as a memory of his father, he could easily do so. And the CLC would be happy to help him learn how.

But you said he was interested in selling.  Something for your friend to consider as you and him venture into the world of collector cars.

The #1 consideration is; What do you want to do exactly . . ?
A quick sale of the car in the condition that it is currently in?
Manipulating things to achieve the maximum dollar amount?

Cleaning and washing it is always good BUT . . . Operational cars do bring more money  . . . BUT it costs money to make a long parked car operational . . . which costs you in both time and diminishes the final dollar return.
All this tempered with the fact that HOW you make the repairs affects the final price.

Example: I noticed that it has new tires on it. (the blue is still on the whitewalls) Likely the tires from the 1970s were flat and would not hold air. New tires to make it roll is a good idea, BUT instead of installing the narrow whitewalls (that were likely on hand at the tire shop) it would not have cost that much more to install the correct wide whitewalls. . . . The correct wide whitewall would make it more appealing to a collector and either sell for more money or sell faster for the same amount. BUT finding the correct tires would have taken more time.

I want you to know that I am NOT trying to pick on you. I suspect that the tire choice was an expedient thing to make the car roll so that it could be removed from where it was stored. (which is fine)  But small things like this matter a lot in the collector car world.

Coin collectors and hobbyists always tell  people who 'find' coins to NOT clean or polish them because of the strong likelihood that they will diminish the value by doing so.

What your friend chooses to do now; sell as-is or make repairs. (and getting the right person to make those repairs) can make big difference in the final outcome.
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Bobby B

Quote from: Dan LeBlanc on August 30, 2016, 02:26:39 PM
Remember.  Your definition of amazing and a buyer/collector's definition of amazing may be two different things.

Exactly....From the pictures, I would deem that nice original condition. Have no idea mechanically, so good luck with that. It's also a Flathead, and good luck with that....Not revived like on a TV show.
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Thanks m-mman. You guys have been very helpful already. This is going to be an adventure. David


There is an enormous amount of knowledge and experience on this website.  And the people here will share all that.  It is the best place to get the help you need for this car. 
All you have to do is ask. 
Glen Houlton CLC #727 
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Good morning. Thanks for the messages and emails. I have just now replied to all of them. Hope I didn't miss anyone. Thanks, David