Doug Houston's series 90 V16 Coupe auction result

Started by Mike Baillargeon #15848, September 21, 2016, 06:53:38 AM

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Mike Baillargeon #15848

The auctioneer just told me the V16 Coupe sold for $50,000 plus the 10% buyers premium.

I was in on the bidding but ran out of steam.

I still think somebody got a good deal on that very rare project car.

Mike  #15848

Mike Baillargeon  #15848

M. Bankes

Do you know what the '56 Conv sold at ? I really wanted it but couldn't have it right now....

Mike Baillargeon #15848

Sorry M I don't know what that convertible went for.

But that was another good looking project car.

Maybe somebody that was there can weigh in.

I was on the phone/email with my bid.

Mike    #15848
Mike Baillargeon  #15848


M. Bankes

Ok, Thanks, makes me feel better about missing it because that was out of my budget anyway...

Bob Hoffmann CLC#96

Can someone post all the results?? Did anyone on this board attend?
Thanks, Bob
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Here's what I wrote down at the time:
'41 60sp = 16K, '41 62cpe = 20K, '41 62conv = 19K, '41 chev conv = 27K, '41 Olds conv 22K, and I think the '38 60 went for 15K? The '64 300 was around 3K, and the Catalina's sold between 300 and 1200. All prices do not include 10%.

Mike Baillargeon #15848

Thanks GC,

Were you the high bidder on the 39 V16 Coupe?


Mike Baillargeon  #15848


I did not bid on the V16's.  I was tempted by a couple of the Convertibles there though.  I thought the '56 price was well a good one considering its condition.