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Our trip through Upstate New York, Ontario, and to Michigan was fantastic. Drove just under 1800 miles over 12 days. This was our first time at the Gilmore and also in Dearborn. The Gilmore is a spectacular museum! An entire campus with beautiful buildings and facilities. Besides some large general exhibits there are single marque exhibits for Cadillac/LaSalle (of course), Lincoln, Model A Ford, Franklin (made in Syracuse), Pierce Arrow (made in Buffalo), Hudson, and Classic Car Club of America. The Cadillac/LaSalle Museum is really wonderful with a great collection displayed. Thanks to all who made that dream a reality.

The CLC Fall Festival was great! Friday's driving tour had two outstanding stops. As illustration, we saw a 1931 Marmon V16 on an engine stand at the first stop (Heddon Museum), and then a magnificent 1931 Marmon V16 2-door at SunRay Restorations. CLC members were warm, friendly, and interesting, and I loved talking one-on-one with members who were displaying cars, after we finished judging. Member spouses welcomed my wife Amy, and made sure she had a great time too -- even as she tolerates my love of old automobiles. Special thanks to Paul Ayres and many others who made the Fall Festival a truly FIRST CLASS and most enjoyable event. And what a GORGEOUS venue for it!

On the way west, in East Aurora (near Buffalo), we stumbled onto a group of 15 beautiful brass-era cars (Horseless Carriage Club) on a driving tour and staying at the historic Roycroft Inn -- an unexpected and marvelous treat. Pierce Arrow, Packards, Buicks, Model Ts, etc. I also visited a local car show where I saw a gorgeous brown 1940 LaSalle convertible sedan and spoke at length the the owner/restorer. Then we stayed overnight at the Renaissance Center in Detroit, rode the overhead train around downtown, visited the renovated Book-Cadillac Hotel,  and took the tour of the RenCen. All better than expected...

On the return trip we stayed in Dearborn for visits to The Henry Ford, Greenfield Village, and a Ford Rouge Plant assembly line tour. We thoroughly enjoyed all three and highly recommend them to those who haven't been there yet. You will need two days.

For car buffs who haven't been to the Gilmore or at Dearborn, you really should put these museums on your bucket list!  Not to be missed...

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