1941 Cadillac fog light lenses

Started by michael j. patla, October 10, 2016, 02:38:30 PM

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michael j. patla

Hello, I am trying to understand a totally clear 1941 Cadillac lens. I have 7 amber original Cadillac Appleton embossed lens and I also have one lens that is 100% identical to these 7 amber lenses  but this last one is totally clear glass. Never before have I seen such a lens.  Anybody  know anything about this clear lens ?   Thank you      member #23389    Mike Patla

Jeff Hansen


The lenses were available in amber, clear, and red according to the MPL.  I would imagine the red ones were for ambulances.  Perhaps the clear ones were for the overseas markets?

Jeff Hansen
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Barry M Wheeler #2189

You had your choice of amber or clear. I've seen one car (in a junk yard) in the late 60s with them. I took them off and on his next visit to my house, Art Iles said, "Those are mine," and snatched them up.
Barry M. Wheeler #2189

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michael j. patla

Thanks for the quick replies.   Mike