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Started by chrisntam, October 07, 2016, 09:13:31 AM

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Another snag: How does one determine relative equipment levels? Cost of equipment or number of boxes checked?  Do we attach the same weight to air conditioning as Dor Gards or EZ Eye Glass?

Quote from: m-mman on October 10, 2016, 04:58:58 PM
To make a fair comparison study you would have to compare similar cars. For any given year compare stripped vs loaded DeVilles or loaded vs stripped 60 Specials/Fleetwoods.

Agreed 100%.

And in the absence of that data, the question is purely speculative.
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Quote from: Gene Beaird on October 10, 2016, 11:38:49 AM
I'm sure our car is an extreme example,

The car was pretty option-free, I think, having A/C, tinted windows, power seats and an AM radio, but that's about it.  I guess my grand father was looking for something that would be pretty trouble-free, or, not loaded down with expensive options.  Either way, that's what we have, a 68 Calais that doesn't have a lot of options.

In the 50s & 60s when it was possible to have (order) it your way, I know by reason of having lived through it, there was a more than large contingent of the buying public who looked askance at options.  The thinking was it is just another thing that can and will go wrong.  Ergo, they opted out.
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When I hear the words "...that is just another thing to go wrong" my mind thinks they are saying  it is too expensive.  Generally, people prefer to order many options, but when they don't it is most often due to cost.  This is not always true, but as I wrote "most often". 

If it was 1970 and I was buying a Cadillac, I would order many options (and of course hind site being 20/20) including but not limited to:

tilt/telescoping steering wheel
40/60 dual comfort seats
passenger mirror
power locks
twilight sentinel
electric trunk release
trunk pull down
stereo am/fm best radio
cruise control

Would not order:

anti-skid breaks (technology unproven at the time)
controlled diff (don't plan on driving in snow, and might want to spin the rear tire)
rear defroster (will not be driving in winter)
auto dimming (never drive with bright headlights and VA is hilly and roads have many turns)
auto leveling (the standard springs are more than adequate - in this case it is something to go wrong)
door edge guards (wrecks the look of the car)
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