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Started by Bill70rs, October 24, 2016, 01:44:37 PM

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Never thought I would own a Cadillac but, I couldn't pass this one up.  It's the 1977 Coupe Deville that belonged to my Father who died in '94.  My brother first took it over and after a couple of years turned it over to a cousin.  I thought the car had been junked since it hadn't been seen in years.
Long story short I heard it was still around so I contacted my cousin and made a deal.  It hasn't run in almost two years and needs a lot of work.  I will need to pick some of your brains for tips.  As I get time I will post pics of the Caddy as it comes back from the dead.

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Chuck Patton

Hello William

Please evaluate the time and cost BEFORE you tackle this project.  By assessing the amount FIRST you will be able to make a logical choice instead of an emotional decision regarding your Dad's Cadillac.  We can help if you provide thorough and objective pictures.
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1970 Chevrolet Camaro RS
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Two years is not terribly long to sit.  But a lot depends on what condition it was before it was parked.   

Do you have any photos to share with us?

Scot Minesinger

The 1977 Cadillac CDV is a wonderful car, but not super valuable, show winners selling for 10k or so range.  It does not take much to get into 5k in restoration work especially if you hire the work out.  Highly recommend that you buy the shop manual on e-bay and complete as much work yourself as you can.  Most classic car owners have invested more than the car is worth if sold, and no one entering the hobby ever thinks that will happen to them. 

If it needs paint, a vinyl top, and some mechanical work, there is no way you will be anything but upside down on the car if all work is done correctly by others.  That is OK, because this is a hobby, just how much is the question.

If it has to be your Father's car, and money and time is not much concern, then restore it.  If you just want a nice 1977 Cadillac and this Cadillac is not important, it may be more economical to buy one already perfect and sell this one.
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My grandparents had a fire engine red 77 coupe with white top and interior. That started my love of Cadillacs.
Enjoy---- But new member forum rules, post pictures!!
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Just remember, the TV shows where people buy a car and restore it to make money are as fake as the TV shows were people fly.  The only way to make money restoring cars is to restore someone else’s car while they pay you. 
If you are going to restore a car it should be for the fun of it not for profit. 
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I don't plan to ever sell it.  In fact I have talked to my Son and we agreed that it should never be sold.  We are not one's to buy and sell for a profit.  We get attached.  That's why we now own 3 Eighties cars and 2 Seventies cars.  The Caddy we want to slowly restore.  My Daughter suggested that we put "El Producto Cigar" ashes in the ash tray to give it the smell it used to have.

There are no dents but the passenger side front fender has rust.  Vinyl top needs replaced. Headliner replaced.  Several spots in leather seats need fixing. The bumper fillers are gone.
Amazingly it doesn't seem at first look to have any problems in the floors or trunk.  Of course the paint is fading.  Also all the electric accessories work!
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There's nothing wrong with overspending so to speak to restore a family heirloom.  It's a long story but I located and purchased my fathers 64 Cadillac when I was in my teens and due to circumstances it slipped through my fingers and got towed away and subsequently crushed.

It would have needed way more that would have been practical to spend on it but I really do wish I had it now.

Cars are special to us car guys for many different reasons and not always the sensible or practical ones.

Good luck with yours.
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