To anyone considering joining the CLC, here's why you should

Started by Dan LeBlanc, October 26, 2016, 11:54:42 AM

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Dan LeBlanc

In case anyone is wondering why they should join the CLC, here's a heck of a reason why.

As we all know, I was on the fence as to whether or not I should hold on or let go of my 1961 Fleetwood.  As you can see by my signature, I have let go of it.  It's going to a fellow CLC member who will be its next caretaker.  I'm sure he'll chime in to announce who he is.

My wife has always wanted a convertible, and I have always wanted A/C.  Having owned one of the best skeg cars known to have survived, I decided another 61 or 62 just wouldn't fill those same shoes in terms of quality.  So, we decided to focus on 1963 to 1970.

Rewind to last week.  Anyone who has been following Cadillacs of this era on eBay may have noticed a 1970 deVille convertible that popped up and was supposed to end today but ended up closing early.  Why?  Because I just bought it.  Byzantine Gold with black top and black interior.  Caught my eye. 

I saw vaguely in one of the photos an invoice and I could make out the name on it.  I also remember getting an email from Lou Commisso stating that if I needed any help with a 1970 Cadillac to get in touch.  So I did.  He looked over the photos and I mentioned who the owner was and where he was from according to my directory. Of course, Lou knew who he was.  So he made a couple of phone calls and put me in touch with the owner.  I spoke with him, and he said he had a ton of interest in it, but, because I was a CLC member, he would hold the car until I made a decision on it because he wanted it to go to another club member (just as I did with the 61).

So, here I am, 755mi away from the car, and I need to make a decision, QUICKLY.  An in-person inspection wasn't possible for me to do, so I got in touch with Brian Rachlin.  He drove out 2 hours to inspect the car on Monday, and, after talking with him on the phone, he gave the car a thumbs up.  I knew I could trust Brian and he gave me a better set of eyes on the car than I could have ever done - he just knows more about 1970 Cadillacs than I do.  So, I called the owner, made the deal, paid for the car, and now we wait to bring it home once the import paperwork is complete.  I wasn't expecting to buy another this quickly, but, sometimes a good deal just comes up.

Would this have been possible without being a club member?  Maybe, but, much more difficult.  Since joining in 2012, I have made a network of friends and contacts that made this whole thing that much easier.  This is a great group of people who share the same appreciation of Cadillacs and are willing to help out a fellow member when they can.  Add into that the Self Starter, this forum, and the Grand Nationals, and it really is a good thing.

So if you're on the fence about joining, do it.  You won't be sorry.

Oh, and before I forget, I know folks like pictures around here, so here you go:

Dan LeBlanc
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Congratulations!   Looks amazing.  Welcome to the ranks of the 1970 owners!
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It's a beauty. Runs great and everything works.
Membership in the CLC is really important if you are a Caddy guy. So many great people in the club and a depth of knowledge and info.

Best of luck with the car Dan.

Brian Rachlin
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That thing is bad ass! 8) I always admired and loved the 69-70 Cads. They have one of the best grill and front ends that Cad put together. Just so imposing.

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55 cadi

I can't say enough about joining the CLC club!

In dans case it possibly helped him get a great Cadillac,  my case the CLC has been a huge help in getting my Cadillac running, fixed, and correct, for I was not a Cadillac owner before especially a 1955 car/Cadillac owner.

I have met a few of the great people that help on this forum, and have had great help in getting correct info on my Cadillac where most shops don't know because they don't work on cars of that age very much, or have shops that know about Cadillacs.

So.............join!  You will be glad you did.
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Scot Minesinger

Dan you can't go wrong with a 1970 Cadillac.  I like the black tops because they never show wear, unlike my white one.  The only color I like them on is the gold color you bought.  If you ever need anything for a 1970 Cadillac drop me a line, I fell like there is nothing I have not done on them.  You can drive this car with authority intermixed with modern traffic at any speed.

You are so right, this club has really helped me enjoy the hobby more.  Thanks for such a positive post.  Did your 61 remain in Canada?

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The Tassie Devil(le)

G'day Dan,

Congratulations on getting such a wonderful car, and as I have said before, being a Member of this wonderful organisation is worth its 'weight in gold.

I have made many wonderful friends, and also met a lot when cruising USA, Canada, and Australia.

Cars and the like do bring people together.

Bruce. >:D
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Dan LeBlanc

Thanks everyone .

The car is going back to the USA way over to the left coast.

As far as things I may be needing are a set of steel wheels and a set of hubcaps (but they have to be good enough caps to match the condition of the rest of the car).  You know, for those times when authenticity counts.

I'm really looking forward to something different.
Dan LeBlanc
1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car

David Greenburg

Dan's new acquisition looks very nice, although I hope he doesn't miss the fins!  I have to second everything he has said about the benefits of this club, as well as this forum.  I had followed the story of Dan's Fleetwood here and in the Self Starter, and was quite surprised to read the thread in which he described his quandary and his intention to replace his Fleetwood in the spring.  I had this crazy thought that one way out of that quandary would be for him to sell it to me. Now.  I was beginning to think about adding another car to the "collection" down the road, and despite my predilection for things '59 and '60, a '61 Fleetwood was on the short list.  But still, this was crazy; the car was on the other side of the continent in another country.  But it was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a car like this.  And my wife didn't make threatening noises when I started talking about it, so maybe it wasn't so crazy. 

Like Dan, I was not in a position to inspect in person, although I had heard and read a great deal about the car.  Conversations with Brian Rachlin, Eric DeVirgilis, and Mike Cascio, all of whom were familiar with the car, and Jim Eccleston, who had judged the car at the Lake George GN, convinced me that it was absolutely as nice as it appears.    After a Skype session, Dan and I struck a deal, and the Fleetwood is now about to begin its journey to my garage in Northern California, where it will cohabitate with my '60 Seville.  I have assured Dan that it will continue to be cared for in the manner to which it is entitled, with the added benefit of not being forced to hibernate during the winter.

None of this would have happened without our CLC community.  So join if you haven't already; something like this could happen to you!     
David Greenburg
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The Tassie Devil(le)

G'day David,

Congratulations on your own purchase.

Now that you have a '60, and a '61, sounds like you might be starting to compile a full set?

Bruce. >:D
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Congratulations to both on the new family members!

The gold & black is striking!

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