1923 7P Phaeton carburetor leaks

Started by Docopp, October 30, 2016, 05:30:57 PM

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Hi :)
I just replaced the float and bowl gasket on my Type 61, 1923 7P Phaeton.
The cork float had become saturated after 93 years !!! lol
It runs, starts and idles well
but when I turn the engine off, gas leaks from the carburetor. The car is designed with a casting and two copper lines below the carb to catch overflow.
Since it is a positive pressure system, is this normal ?
I just unscrew the gas cap before I turn the engine off and this prevents the leak
Ed :)

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Realistically, very few people on this board speak 1933, much less 1923. I suggest a post on the AACA board if they have one. Good Luck.
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There is an Early V8 Cadillac Group on Yahoo.  Covers 1915-1929.  You should join.  I'm sure someone on that forum can answer your question.
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