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Started by d piety, May 01, 2017, 08:34:44 PM

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d piety

Having sold our home, must dispose of several years of used and left-over parts.  Have interior and exterior parts from 62 Fleetwood,  A 1960 front right fender and several trim parts for 78 eldorado.  Want someone who will take it all.  No cost.  Free to the person who can  take it all by  June 1st.  Contact me at  812-249-1474.  or
D. Piety  CLC #24700
Thanks to all who responded.  The parts have been taken.  I just wanted to "pay it forward" for all the help that  I have received from so many CLC members  over the years. 
Best to all the CLC members.
Dennis Piety #24700


A location would be helpful . . .  8)
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Roger Zimmermann

According to the profile, he is in Indiana...
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The 812 area code in our fair state runs clear across it from Ohio to Illinois. It probably starts about forty miles south of Indy. He lives in Pimento, IN. It is a small town near Terre Haute which is quite near the Illinois line just off I-70.
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It'd be nice if everyone put their location in their sig line or under their name.  I have no idea who is across the pond, down under, up north, or in Dallas for that matter...

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