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Started by Whit, May 01, 2017, 09:39:10 PM

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Looking for the dual switch Bakelite base (or whole switch assembly) for the power vent windows on my 1960 Eldorado. Have not had any luck finding the pair at most of the usual sources. Thanks   


P. Manoogian

Can you post a picture of what it looks like? I have several from 61 to 62 and can compare.
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See attached photos. I have this switch but the contacts are messed up and it does not always work.
Thanks   Whit


It may be the pics but was it over heated - fire - shorted.
Have you removed the switch from the bezzle to see the pivot and contacts.
It looks like a pretty standard a dual switch to be that hard to find or is it a switch to bezzle size shape problem.
Have fun,
Steve B.
S. Butcher


STEVE:  The problem with this switch is that the Bakelite base has a missing end flange and the clips will not hold the contacts in when the flipper is moved. Short of replacing the Bakelite/contact base, I don't see any easy solution. I tried to epoxy the base in, but still have one contact that won't make up.


David King (kz78hy)

Fusicik sells the clips.  I don't see the missing area on the base and it looks like you need the 4 clips to keep it together.

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Thanks for the input...I do have the clips but because the Bakelite skirt on the base is broken off on one side, the clips won't hold. I have tried to epoxy it into place and I will test it today to see if I have the four contacts working. I tried it once but one contact would not make up. I have not found a suitable replacement to date.



Hi Whit,  I had to replace the driver side vent window motor on my 59 and found a very nice one at Arizona Vintage Parts.  Now mind you, this was quite a while ago and I'm not sure if the switches changed in 1960, but I figure ... if there's a motor, there's a switch.

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