Saw this for sale at the Pate Swap Meet - '55 Coupe Deville, asking $9500

Started by chrisntam, April 27, 2017, 09:53:17 PM

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Quote from: chrisntam on April 27, 2017, 09:53:17 PM
Surface rust all over the exterior, interior completely shot, motor may turn, floor pans rusted through.  Guy said it was 100% complete, but EVERYTHING needs to be gone through.


Seems like it should be about $2000.

Your thoughts?  I'm not a buyer, just curious....

My thought is at the price, the car is not for sale.
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As part of the local chapter of the cadillac club, I helped set up and tear down the swap meet.

I got there early on Sunday for tear down and saw a few cars I'd seen on Thursday (for sale) being towed out by the sellers, meaning "no sale".

The '59 for $7750 was being towed out and a little Nash Metropolitan as well.  Do not know what came of the '55, but I wish I did....Just curious....
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What a fantastic journey you're on... the good news for you is that the car was in reasonable shape, and as you stated, could be made road worthy, but certainly not pristine... however, some of these sad wrecks that are advertised were abused for decades and then left to rust and are beyond hope, and then some of these guys think they can get some poor sucker to pay thousands for a crusher.