How long do you tend to keep your cars?

Started by LenInLA, May 04, 2017, 04:24:12 AM

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1976 Olds 98 Regency 42 years (purchased new Nov 1975 after my 70 Coupe de Ville was totaled in accident)
1982 Ford Pickup 35 years (purchased new by my dad August 1982))
1989 Sedan de Ville ( purchased October 1989 one of the most reliable cars I have ever owned)
1994 Concours (purchased March 1995) 22 years
DTS (purchased April 2010) 7 years

Guy R Moore
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1989 Sedan de Ville
1994 Concours
2009 DTS'
1976 Olds 98 Regency

Guy Moore CLC# 12650

Scot Minesinger


One of my best friends parents bought a 79 Lincoln Continental because it was the very last year of the large cars before being downsized in 1980.  They normally bought a new Cadillac every single year, but since this was the last year they had to have one.  The 1979 was equipped with a 400 engine, and the 78 was the last year of the 460 engine.  My friend got the Lincoln often to drive because both of his parents did not like it.  It was very cool driving around in this large brand new car.  It was triple teal.  My driver at the time was a 1968 Thunderbird with a 429 engine 4bbl and it was fast.  The 400 cu in engine powered Lincoln seemed very slow by comparison and the Lincoln was best at hauling a lot of people super comfortably.  1978 is probably a great year to own with the 460 engine - I would keep it too.  I really like the styling of the Lincoln Continental Coupes (not Marks) 1970-73 too.
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1970 Cadillac DeVille Convertible
1970 Cadillac Sedan DeVille
1970 four door Convertible w/Cadillac Warranty

Eric DeVirgilis CLC# 8621

1979 Lincoln 400 was 2 bbl; 460 had 4 bbl so that didn't help.

1978 is generally preferred among the Lincoln crowd.
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The Tassie Devil(le)

Funny thing is that most Cadillac owners don't really care about Lincolns. ;)

Bruce. >:D
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'70 Ranchero Squire (RHD)
'74 Chris Craft Gull Wing (SH)
'02 VX Series II Holden Commodore SS Sedan
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Past Cars of significance - to me
1935 Ford 3 Window Coupe
1936 Ford 5 Window Coupe
1937 Chevrolet Sports Coupe
1955 Chevrolet Convertible
1959 Ford Fairlane Ranch Wagon
1960 Cadillac CDV
1972 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe

Mike Baillargeon #15848

Bruce your right.

Lincoln was a pretty good war time president.

After that,  not so much............A 57 Eldorado was pretty good though.....

Mike   #15848
Mike Baillargeon  #15848

John Washburn CLC 1067

Interesting Post,

Seems that I keep most of my cars and don't sell them.

The first was the 1956 CDV got the old girl for $525.00 in San Francisco 39 years ago. Just got thru rebuilding the engine and tranny on her for at least the 4th time. I am done this is the last rebuild for me on this gem. But it is a great driver with AC and all the other options.

The next one was a 1953 CDV which I bought from long time member Elmer Brown. He gouged me for $2500.00 in 1982 or about 35 years ago. Had to bring it home from Bakersfield to Concord.

Then a 1949 Cadillac 62 series followed me home in 1985, about 32 years ago. A parts store owner made me go look at this in Concord, Ca. I think this was another $1500.00 purchase were I barely had the money to buy it. Wife is still with me after 43 years.

Then the 1938 65 Series, 5 passenger, limo enticed me in 1988. This came out of San Jose and I paid way to much for it $3500.00. The guy let it sit in his backyard for 10 years, it used to be a nice car, but no so much when I towed It home. But most of the parts were there. This one is next to get restored - if I don't kick the bucket first.

Finally, I am living in Golden Colorado when a friend calls me from Livermore, California about the 1937 LaSalle Coupe he just found. $1500.00 later my buddies brought the LaSalle to Nevada where I picked it up and towed it home. What a mess this one was. This was in April  so it only snowed around 5" inches there and back. What fun. Oh this one was brought home in 1996, 21 years ago.

This one was restored and we drive it on tours and such.

The Johnny

John Washburn
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1953 Coupe DeVille
1956 Coupe DeVille
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47 62 caddy

Forever. pass it on to the next generation dad had the 47 caddy for 45 me and then my son ;D


John your writing style is always very engaging and informative. I particularly enjoyed your use of a number of memorable phrases such as a car that "followed (you) home", and how another car owner "made (you) go look at" his car. I bought my first 1956 Cadillac, a CDV, in 1976 and had to part ways when I got married 7 years later. It was a car from hell, and when it failed to start on the day of my wedding, that was it. We parted ways after 7 years. That "marriage" ended on the day the one to my new Bride began. I did keep a lot of tough to find parts though, as I warned the wife that I "would have to buy another '56 someday". She did not take me seriously. Still have all of those parts after 41 years. I also had a '56 SDV, (kept it 7 years), but went 30 years without a another '56, until I acquired my current ride, a 1956 Cadillac Limousine which I have owned for 5 years.How about keeping parts without a car for 41 years? Anyhow, the wife hates it.When I told her I had to buy it because I have so many parts for it, she was unmoved. The day I test drove it, several buddies were over at the house all driving their vintage '50s Caddies. All long and black, just like in the Johnny Cash song. One was a '57 Limo that my buddy has owned 39 years.What a site to see them all parked out front. A neighbor later remarked that it "looked like a meeting of the 5-Families" at my place! Clay/Lexi


In response to the original post:

I have had my 1962 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 convertible since 2005.
I had my 1955 Cadillac Coupe DeVille from 2009 through 2015.
The 1963 Corvair Monza, 1985 Buick Riviera and 1992 Allante (all rides for the Mrs) lasted only a few years.
Dave Yaros
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62 Olds  

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Bought my 1937 Buick Special Business Coupe in 1970...when I was 23.  Still have it. That's 47 years.

Bought the 1985 Lincoln Town Car new in fall of 1984.  Still have it.  Almost 33 years.

Bought the BMW Z-3 new in 2000. Still have it 17 years later.

Purchase our 1940 LaSalle series 52 Coupe in June of 2016. Plan to keep all these cars for the remainder of my life...with the possible exception of the 37 Buick

Bob. R.

1940 LaSalle 5227 Coupe(purchased May 2016)
1985 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series. Bought New.

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Quote from: The Tassie Devil(le) on May 06, 2017, 07:39:58 PM
Funny thing is that most Cadillac owners don't really care about Lincolns. ;)

Bruce. >:D
That's for sure!    EAM
Ev Marabian

1976 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, 1989 Chevrolet Caprice Classic, 1990 Pontiac Bonneville and 1996 Buick Skylark

Bill Young

I do Love my Cadillac and it is a good thing because I am poor and cannot afford to replace it anyway. I purchased it in October 2014.