Require Club Membership to Post for Sale Parts

Started by Bill Ingler #7799, June 23, 2017, 12:00:16 PM

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Bill Ingler #7799

Reference several postings in the last month on this forum about scammers trying to rip you off by claiming to have the items that you want. I have never been one who advocates club membership to use this forum. Non club members who post and add to forum are welcome in my thinking. Many of these non member posters eventually join our club which is a win win for both the club and the new member.

What I think is wrong, especially with the many scammers around, is to allow non club members to post items for sale on the club forum. One of these days a scammer will post something for sale on our forum. A club member pays for the part and never receives the part. I know it could happen even if the poster was a club member but knowing you are dealing with a club member adds some safety for that club member trying to buy that part.   Bill

Jay Friedman


What about those selling a complete Cadillac or LaSalle car on our forum who will not state an asking price?  If you look on the "For Sale" section of the forum you'll see just such a posting for a LaSalle by a non-member that has stirred up some controversy among members.
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Bill Ingler #7799

Hi Jay: Your right on and after reading the back and forth without saying the price, requiring membership in the club should be required for selling a vehicle, the same as for parts.  An asking price should also be required and not how it is today which states in the forum rules-- it is recommended all vehicle ads state an asking price and location. The cat and mouse game played by some sellers for not stating a selling price, to me is a big turn off.

With as much scamming going on, one has to have their head in the sand if they think that it could not happen to our club.   Bill


While I understand the reasoning 'members only', I think we will be missing more benefit at the expense of illusion of safety.

There maybe cases of Cadillacs and parts being liquidated in an estate setting of multiple make cars ect. '

To one extreme we could ban all 'for sale' and 'wanted' sections at the expense of safety

A few precautions exercised in this recent example may have better enlightened the scam. My understanding is a non conventional payment method was used? There is a red flag. We need to understand that WANTED ads are particularly targeted by scammers, buyer beware. Hint: Telephone communication is usually avoided by these scammers. Ask detailed questions about the item. Request an image of the part in a specific setting ie: on a red cloth, to verify they have the part in hand?

I have read these 'scam' responses to wanted posted, and they were simply suspect to me immediately.

Bobby B

Unfortunately in today's world, there is very little recourse after being scammed, EVEN with the person's phone number. I have had it happen quite a few times over the years and it's seems that paying with a credit card is the only way that you have any leg to stand on when it comes to this nonsense. You can have the payment suspended and that will usually draw attention to the seller (if he was truly legitimate) and render a phone call immediately. It's a shame that it has to come to this, but people do make a living in all walks of life by scamming others.  I can honestly say that I've only had good experiences and things to say about anyone I've had the pleasure to deal with on this Forum. Usually, you can smell a rat  >:D.  You just have to be a little more aware of the circumstances nowadays.
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