Author Topic: Nicely integrated stereo console Deville- NW Cadillac & LaSalle, Issaquah WA  (Read 583 times)

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Attended the Pacific Northwest Region of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club event at Triple XXX Drive-in in Issaquah WA last weekend. I've been researching ideas for a stereo console for my Eldorado, so have looked at many examples in various vehicle types.  I thought the 1959 Deville was outstanding and had one of the nicest integrated stereo consoles I've seen. Not best photo unfortunately. The trim pieces used were interesting and use of seat upholstery were very well done IMO.

Some other photos included- love that era of red leather interior in the 1941 model! Just oozes luxury. Just thought I'd mention it. Dean H.

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Thanks for sharing, I saved the 59 Stereo pic for ideas on my other cars.  I already had my 59 radio upgraded to Am/FM/Aux input.

T Lewis


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