Just purchased two 1974 Talismans

Started by gary@windermere.com, January 18, 2018, 08:07:26 PM

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I'm new to the Club and the forum and thought I would share my Cadillac purchase with everyone. I've been looking for a Talisman for a few years. Family friends had a 74 blue on blue that I thought was so cool when I was a young teenager. I found one for sale in New Jersey with leather interior and thought I had hit the Holy Grail! After weeks of trying to get the seller to respond and with no success I found another 1974 for sale in Palm Springs. This one was Sable Black with blue Medici velour interior and only 38,000 miles. Perfect inside and out! I made the purchase flew to California and drove the car home to Seattle. The trip was a quiet and very smooth and I had a lot of thumbs up on the drive. Two days after I returned home the seller in New Jersey called. Apparently the email the add was tied two was one the seller has forgotten to check. Long story short and after a few weeks of negotiating I purchased the car and had it delivered to Seattle. Here's the fun facts on this Talisman. Paint code 38 Pueblo beige metallic with a gold vinyl roof, sun roof, 21,000 original miles and the hard to find leather interior code 585 medium saddle sierra grain leather. It still smells new inside. The fillers have rotted away and new ones are on order. A few other odds and ends that need to be straightened out, but other than that I have two beautiful Fleetwood Talismans! I've included pictures enjoy!!


The Pueblo Beige with the leather is beautiful and so is the other one.

Great cars.  Many happy miles and welcome to the CLC Discussion Forum.

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That's what we do in our house.

Can't decide?  Get both!

Glad you got them!

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Rich S

Gorgeous cars! I'm so glad a "collector" got them! Enjoy and be safe in them! If I recall, the only year leather was offered on the Talisman was 1974. It would be great to see an exterior picture of the Pueblo Beige (but maybe you're waiting until those fillers are replaced--I don't blame you!) since I bet it's truly a rare beauty! Congratulations! 
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Congratulations upon the acquiring of your dream Cadillac's!!  My second Cadillac was exactly like your black '74, save for the interior.  Mine was triple black with black leather.  As I recall, the Series 60, was equipped with foot rests, among other special additions, not available on the other models, save for the Series 75 extended version.  I regret selling my Talisman, and being remorseful, I substituted the regular chrome wheel covers and kept for memory sake my black disc insert wheel covers.  Now in a box since 1984.  Long story short, I truly can relate to your Pride of Ownership of one of the most luxury appointed Fleetwood's of all times...  Best Regards, Joe Albanese
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I had posted about the gold car some time back when it first appeared but nobody had been able to make contact with the seller. The leather was a rare special order on a Talisman. Very few were made.

Both beautiful cars. I think you all but have the 1974 Talisman market cornered.
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Congrats on securing that gold Talisman!   We were having trouble negotiating with the seller and as you said, his emails were spotty at best.   Glad to see someone in the club got it.

Dan LeBlanc

Congratulations.  One day I will own a Talisman, so to say I'm jealous at the moment would be an understatement.
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Both look great! Congrats on the purchase. I purchased a 1974 Fleetwood Brougham couple years ago and love the car. Good luck!