47 Caddy fog lights

Started by usroman, January 24, 2018, 04:54:48 PM

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Does anyone know where I can get fog lights like in the picture below. I've tried searching the net, cant find anything. Unless they are custom made?

Roman Usta

harry s

Those are actually parking/turn signal lights. The fog or driving lights have a clear rectangular lens. Do you need the entire assembly for both sides. I'm pretty sure I have a pair. You can email me direct at hscott1937@aol.com
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TonyZappone #2624

I removed the foglites and installed a NOS take off parking lites I found at Hershey.   They plug right into the harness, and look really nice.
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Jay Friedman

I did the same on my '49, after finding an NOS pair at Hershey one year.  Most cars of that era seem to have fog lights, so IMHO the parking lights give the car a distinctive appearance.  Also, in my experience the main bulb in the 47-52 fog lamps is sometimes difficult to find, while the parking light bulb is not.
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