Silly question: When/Where/How can we get our photos from the GN

Started by ElZilchoTX, June 12, 2018, 12:35:35 PM

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Got my car's photo taken at the Self Starter booth at the Grand Nationals but I am not sure how to get those pictures. Does anyone know?
Ryan Albert Donovan - CLC # 31361
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Jeff Hansen


Contact Tim Coy, the Art Director for The Self-Starter.  He will know.  His contact information is in that magazine.

Jeff Hansen
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Weren't "select" cars going to be featured in the Self Starter?

I'm looking for my '70 to be in there, it looked pretty good (camera was 20 feet away!)

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Tim usually will send your photo via email, as long as he has it, which should be going out soon. As far as the self starter, I don't know who chooses the photos, they usually try to get new cars featured. Out of the 8 Grand Nationals I was at, my car was in 3x's. If he doesn't have your email, then contact him.
Bill Estes
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Art Director

To Ryan and Chris, please e-mail me at and I'll send you a copy of the best photo taken of your cars at the Grand National. I don't see your listings in the current Directory, so you must have joined the CLC after August 2017.

To answer Bill's question, I generally choose the photos to go into the magazine after Alan Clark transfers them to me following the Grand National. I use a database covering the last 15 years of issues of The Self-Starter to find out if that owner's car  has appeared in the past. If not, the car has an excellence chance to appear in the magazine. Who wants to see the same cars over and over? And we love displaying cars belonging to newer members, which likely have not been seen before.

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  I took a first in class at Lake George in 2014 with my 1930 LSalle sedan. I was very excited to receive the award especially since I drove it the 185 miles to get there. The photographer asked if he could get several more pictures in a different location then the regular shoot because he wanted to offer them for a cover of the Self Starter. That was the last I’ve heard or seen about it. I’m just wondering if the pictures didn’t come out well or if they just put them aside for a future issue. We all like to see our “pride and joy” exhibited!

Wayne Elsworth
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Wayne Elsworth
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