1939 Cadillac Executive Rail Inspection Car

Started by 39LaSalleDriver, July 16, 2018, 10:55:39 AM

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I thought folks might get a kick out of this. It showed up in a 1930s group I belong to on Facebook.

It is labeled as a "1939 Cadillac Executive Rail Inspection Car" for the Nevada Northern Railway. No location, date, or photographer was indicated.
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Pretty nifty rail car for such a small railway. Some exec needed to massage his ego. Thanks for the pic.
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There's a bunch of different cars & trucks used for that purpose.


I like this one, too.
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Hello Jon,

In the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad museum in Baltimore, there used to be a 1939 Buick railway inspection car.  The photo posted by Wes is too funny.  I wonder how much inspection took place, and how much time was spent inside the limo.

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