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My 73 Coupe Deville showed only 32K on the odometer when I first bought it in 2015, and the original condition of the car surely appeared to backed up such low miles. My troubles started first as I attempted to zero out the trip odometer one day on a trip to a car show. Not knowing that i was supposed to "pull' the knob as opposed to 'Push" it, I had dislodged a gear inside the unit and my odometer/miles stopped working. The speedo needle still worked fine, but as you can imagine, i went ahead and the removed the speedometer Unit from the dash and sent it for repair. After a short time I received it back repaired, and re-installed it back to the car ready for a test drive. Unfortunately, the drive did not go well, my speedometer Needle was now squeaking, wobbling, jumping, and weaseling as I drove between say, 15 to 55 mph. Of course, the miles/odometer indicator was working just fine! So here we go again, removing it and sending it back again for repair.
  Turns out, the problem this time was due to the two mounting bolts on either side of the speedometer frame. The bolts mount through the plastic housing, on the back side of the display, where the speedo needle fits up into the panel. The bolts on either side hold the frame securely to the panel, passing thru rubber mounted grommets that were severely dry rotted allowing the speedo unit to 'rock & roll' as I drove. I have some pictures attached to view (hopefully!) and welcome any thoughts you may have as a reply. Hole this is helpful to everyone. Southern Electronics made some new rubber grommets, cleaned, oiled, and calibrated the assembly, checked or replaced all bulbs, and got me going again like new. I re-installed it back to the car and have driven more than 80 miles now trouble free.!

I had my speedometer repair work completed both times by SOUTHERN ELECTRONICS, 730-A RESEARCH ROAD, RICHMOND VA, 23236. Phone, 804-423-1100 They were excellent, got to it both times in a reasonable amount of time, and I was able to speak to them several times over the repairs until completion. The best part is they offer free shipping to them both ways, just go to their website and print a UPS label. My work was performed by the owner, Eric Sundberg, who was very helpful with pictures of the work, and in keeping me informed. I would say now he is well educated the the 71 - 73 Cadillac DeVille/Eldorado Speedometers, and surely the guy to go to for your repairs. They also offer to repair only the problem you are experiencing, or choose a full reconditioning/rebuild.
They now are Highly Recommended by me!!

The Web address is;  They also will offer a free quote, and 1yr warranty or work is free, plus if you do not want the repair they will return it back to you.

Thanks for listening!!



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