1960 Com. Chassis Rear Wheel well Pics

Started by Thor, July 30, 2018, 03:46:58 AM

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Hi Gang:

I am trying to restore the rusty sheet metal and fittings on my 1960 Eureka.  The rear wheel wells are a mystery to me -

there's no There there...

The skirts are screwed onto the body, and they have the nice hooks that fit into something, but the matching areas in the well are big holes with no brackets.  At red lights the exhaust is drawn inside the car - what fun!  This car sat in mud for a spell, and the corrosion has taken its toll on the usual stuff.

Can anyone supply photos of what I should have in these wells?

I did find a pic of one bracket that had two elongated slots to allow it to adjust in and out, but that's it.

Thanks in advance!

Randy Bergum



Here is a sample of what is left after the Great Flood.

Not much to work with, but fixable with sheet metal tools and a MIG welder.

R Bergum