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1984 Seville Interior

Started by Caseylesher, August 23, 2018, 08:19:34 PM

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I just bought a stunning 84 Seville in Cameo Ivory with every single option on it! I have been looking for the right one for a long time.... it has 50,000 miles and has been well preserved but also has been sitting garage for many years. My detail guy must had been to rough on it and when conditioning the leather the leather pulled away full the stitched wreath on the upper seat back. This is so disappointing. I have seen this on other cars so it must be common. Has anyone every had any experience redoing this part of the interior and had success with have a good interior person redoing the embordary and just replacing this panel of the seat? Any suggestions?

Scot Minesinger

Sorry about your detail guy, you just cannot trust anyone.  How about some pictures
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This is the car the day it arrived..... anxious to get my flawless set of Appliance true wheels on it and a new set of vogues..... that is if I can get the seat fixed!


Not as bad as I was expecting. 

Not much you can do without pulling the seat apart.   But if you do, i'd just glue a larger patch on the inside to press it all back together.    Any stitching or panel replacement will just stand out.

Pretty color car. 

Rich S

Really a nice example of a beautiful car! Is that a "Touring Suspension" label on the trunk? (It was a rare option introduced for the 1981 model year.)
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Eric DeVirgilis CLC# 8621

I must be missing what's wrong here... ???
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Barry M Wheeler #2189

The detailer pressed too hard on the crest and the stitches broke.

I have the touring suspension on my '81 Seville. Up until a few days ago, there was an '80 Seville with a perfect yellow interior on Offer Up in Indy. (I thought about it but it appeared just before our trip to VA.) It is gone now. (The car was only $700.)
Barry M. Wheeler #2189

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