Correct windshield install '68 SDV

Started by taintedsaint, August 31, 2018, 11:42:55 AM

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I'm approaching the install time on my 68 and had some questions about procedures.
I know many 60-70s GM vehicles used a rubber dam stuck on inside of windshield, held about 3/16" back from edge of glass, then urethane adhesive applied between edge and the dam. The dam's purpose was to set the height of windshield off the body pinch weld thus setting its depth in frame so trim fit correctly AND to prevent excess urethane from squeezing out into the field of glass.
Is that the way Cadillac is done or a butyl tape?
Any input is appreciated as well as tips on good source for a new windshield.

Thanks guys.
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What you need to do is find a PPG dealer or a well established installer in the DC area. Or the best restoration shop and find out who they use. I would not use one of those "we come to you" type installers. Or see who chimes in in the area that has a recommendation.
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Hello Joe,

I think the '68 Fisher Body Manual will have the correct procedure described in the stationary glass section.  Whether or not you do the work yourself, at least you will know the correct procedure as was used by GM.

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Christopher Winter
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