1950 1951 Fuel pumps interchangeable?

Started by Hans1965, December 13, 2018, 05:48:42 PM

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Hi there, I would like to ask for a little help here. Does anybody know if the early 50s fuel pumps with the glas bowl on top and the lower vacuum part are interchangeable? In particular I'd like to know if a 1951 pump works well in a 1950 Club Coupe. Any difference between the pumps? Are the 51-53 stronger? I have bought the car a while ago. It stood for 15 years and I got the engine running again. What surprises me is that I still see bubbles in the glas bowl and I assume the pump is not at 100%. I will further check the fuel line.  Thanks a lot! Best regards, Hans
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Jay Friedman

My opinion is that they are all interchangeable.  At one point I was using a '52 pump on my '49. 

Specifically, according to my 1935-55 Master Parts List, the '50 pump and in 1951 up to engine number 67000 (last 5 digits of serial number on motor) the pumps are the same.  From engine number 67001 in '51 the pump is the same as the '52 pump and the '53 pump until engine number 47039.
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