Anyone else sick of the Weather?

Started by 60eldo, June 04, 2019, 02:01:19 PM

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   Rain, 45 degrees here today in Toronto. Its June, right? This has been the worse spring I can remember. Cold, cloudy, cant drive my car, and Im still wearing my winter jacket. Its depressing. Anyone else feel the same?  And please no climate change talk here.
Jon. Kluczynski

"Cadillac Kid" Greg Surfas 15364

I feel for you but I just can’t reach you. Heat index here has been around 100 for the last week move here to southern Texas if you want a change.
Greg Surfas
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60eldo I am in your neck of the woods and I totally agree that this weather sucks. Can't recall when there was such a late spring and unfriendly driving conditions. I am still working on my car so at least I have not missed much in the way of nice driving weather opportunities. Clay


It was 100° here last weekend. Even looking outside makes you sweat.

Barry M Wheeler #2189

In Indiana, it got warm enough that I was able to leave the doors open to the sun porch two whole days before we needed the air switched on. The cats STILL need to have the doors opened and closed for them. They're disgusted and so are my wife and I. At least we get the exercise from getting up and opening (and closing) doors. The doors are antique so we can't put a "cat door" in.
Barry M. Wheeler #2189

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David Greenburg

I won’t rub it in, but high 70’s and beautiful cruising weather here in N. Cal.
David Greenburg
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GBrown #8092

I have to agree on the weather. Here in Northeast Illinois, it has been extremely inconsistent. It was 80 one day, and it snowed the next day, it's 75 one day and its 40 and rainy the next day.  Impossible to confidently plan anything more than a few hours ahead of time. Weather people are wrong more often than not on forecasts. I just open the front door and see what it is.

Hopefully, it means the good weather has been saved for the GN next week!


Cadillac Fleetwood

Here in the San Diego area, we have "gloom and doom", the traditional May gray and June gloom, the heavy marine layer that comes ashore and remains until afternoon. But this year, we have had unseasonably wet weather through last week - rain for four out of five days - and drizzle in the mornings yesterday and today.  In a word, depressing!

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Here in eastern Pa we had nothing but cold and rain for most of May. Now it has finally straightened out and it’s beautiful right now.
Brian Rachlin
Huntingdon Valley, Pa
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   Ive never seen the weatherman so wrong all the time. Years ago they were called weathermen. Then when they thought they knew it all, they were called Meteoroligists. That didnt work, so now here we have a New CHIEF  Meteoroligist, and he still F___ks up everyday  LOL.    CHHIIIEEEFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jon. Kluczynski

Bill Young

I live in central Florida , people who live up North always say that it must be too hot down there. Well I drive my 1955 Cadillac as my every day car because we get no ice or snow and I am retired now . Your blood thins out some when you live here so 95 here seems like 85 up North etc. The big bonus here is that 95 % of the days are blue sky and white clouds. Usually when it rains it rains hard for a while and then the sun comes out and everything is dry in an hour. To each his own but I Love it here and I grew up in Rochester usually gray New York. Where you can't get a $10.00 bill for a $20.00 bill . I called it the land of ING , because it usually is Snowing or Raining or Sleeting or something.

The Tassie Devil(le)

I am down here in sunny Lindisfarne, Tasmania, and wish we could get some good rain.

Temps are down to 5C overnight, and up to 13 to 16C during the day, and driving is good.   But, would still like some rain to fill our dams.

Bruce. >:D

PS.   We are starting Winter, so it will get colder, but still no snow.
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I'm with Bill Young, I am originally from upstate New York, just south of Albany.  Came down to Florida in about 1976 and never looked back.  No sympathy at all for those that choose to live in the frozen north with its all too often miserable and unpredictable weather and then complain about it.   ;D
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Big Fins

Roasting in Cape Canaveral at near 100 each day. And the love bugs are still out and messing up everything.  >:(
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A C&L Newbie here. - Yet now we have three Cadillacs. A pattern has formed.  ;)

Ah, yes! This has been a 'Wicked Winter'. On May 24th we had 16" inches of the white stuff in Monument Colorado. My wife got high centered in her AWD SUV SRX at the top of our driveway. I had to pull her out with my truck in 4 low. --- I Want Summer!


I read the Farmer's Almanac earlier this year and it predicted a cool, wet Summer.  Spot on so far.


It's been very rainy here in New England.     On the few sunny days we've had, the fields are just too wet for car shows.   

Scot Minesinger

Hate to jinx it, but weather here in VA has been nice.  Drove 1970 Cadillac both days last weekend.  Hoping the weather is nice end of next week for the 600 mile drive to GN2019 in KY
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Barry M Wheeler #2189

Scott, include in your prayers good weather for the show itself. Safe travel to all who are driving, no attending!
Barry M. Wheeler #2189

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Cape Cod Fleetwood

Worst 'spring' I ever remember...
Here on Cape Cod I'm using the outdoor shower in March, I took my
1st outdoor shower 2 days ago. Nearly 3 months of incessant rain and
cold, its thrown my industry into a death spiral for the year. March is when
I should be talking to new clients and lining up work, that's happening now.
Basically all home improvement contractors, all the trades, the workers, have
lost a full quarter of income. Of course now that the weather has 'improved'
(its cloudy with T1 forecast today) everyone wants everything done immediately.
And everyone is angry. Contractors now need to balance actually doing work with
looking at new work pushing schedules farther back. Clients are angry at delays
with people just coming to see the jobs, we're all angry at all the trades people
trying to make up for 3 months of lost money. No one returns anyone's calls.

Its a mess.

I too am heading to Florida next year. I'm done with the cold, I want to drive The
Ark year round. And if I have to starve when business slows down, let me be warm.

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