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Started by kkkaiser, June 06, 2019, 01:18:59 AM

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Hi  are the seats the same in a 78 Eldo biarritz and a 73 eldo, convert,, meaning, are they interchangeable??


Yes and No.   Yes they will fit.  But the 73 had a bench or 60/40 seating, whereas the Biarritz had 50/50 seating.  So you will need to drill new holes for some of the mounts.

But the 73s never had pillowed seats, so it will look funny.


ok, thanks,, my reason for asking is a 78 biarritz came up for sale,, looks like its in good shape, red,, like my eldo.  and the interior looks great, but I'm concerned by the low price of 5k,  on a car that looks very good in pictures ..   of course, it may be just a great deal, but considering my eldo could use some new seats, and the last bid i got was 8k for leather,, i thought hey, if they swap,  i could get leather.
at a 3k discount,,, with seats that dont feel blown out,, you know, that deep sink in worn springs..

anyway,, just a thougt


I would say the mounting should fit ? 60/40 vs 50/50. Am i incorrect? The 60/40 seat is really in 50/50 pattern as the extra 10 just ‘stretches’ over the transmission hump. You will have to make up a wire harness for added features of the 78 such as power recline and dual power functions. I do agree it will look funny 😳

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Didn't the floor change a bit for 75?   Seems like it was to accommodate the cat converter.    I don't know if that effected where and how the seats mounted.   
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