DENVER Colorado CLC Member Needed to Look at Car, and Owner

Started by BJM, June 13, 2019, 12:28:24 PM

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As I get closer to making a decision on a couple of Cadillacs to purchase, I sure would like to consider a 1977 T Top Eldorado in the Denver, Colorado area but I won't buy this one without an inspection. 

Is there a CLC member in Colorado that can go look at this car for me?  Here is some background:

I spotted an ad on the Denver CL for a 1977 Eldorado with 55,000 miles (by recollection).  The ad photos showed a Gold Metallic 1977 Eldorado with factory T Tops.  It looked nice, but as usual only had 3 photos, and bad ones. Not much description and asking $10,000, which soon went to $7500. 

The car did not sell.  The person I spoke to, put the ad on CL and is some kind of "business associate" for the owner.  The owner supposedly has a few cars and said "why don't we try and sell some." 

We did speak on the phone, his name is Virgil, and the phone number is 303-589-9145.  I'm not sending anyone $7500 or whatever, for poor communications and 3 poor photos, so my 2 choices are to fly out there, hope I can find this guy and arrange a viewing with everything to lose on my end and nothing on his, or pay a local CLC member to do the same and work out a time that both can meet and view it. 

Hopefully someone can help.  There are plenty of other 70's Eldorados out there but this one caught my eye because of the T Tops and gold color, which I like. 


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I hope the owner saved the original wheels and tires.
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There are companies that will look at a car and give you a report. I've heard from two people that the very accurate and the rates are reasonable.I think if you search for car inspections you will find a few vendors.

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I believe the T-Top comes with both sets of wheels.

The after market wheels could be monetized after the transaction.




Bryan,  I"m in Colorado Springs which is 50 miles south of Denver. If you haven't found someone by the time for my next trip up there, I"ll try and inspect it for you.  I would inspect it like I was going to buy a car, I"m not an mechanic, but do have a careful eye. I hope that helps, but also hope you find someone in Denver area too.

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Bryan,  You need to provide comtact information.  Can't find you in the membership directory.  There are a couple of folks in Denver area who are willing to look at the car.
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